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the ultimate delight for any true tea addict!

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Teapigs Say

The ultimate delight for any true tea addict. A giant bundle of every single teapigs blend - that's 28 teas in total! This will definitely keep you busy for a while. Enjoy!


If you'd like to check the ingredients of your chosen teas, you can visit the individual product pages which have full details. Here's where you'll find all the teapigs teas. 

what's in it?

  • every single teapigs tea blend - 15 tea temples per pack.

everyday brew, darjeeling earl grey, chai tea, chilli chai, chocolate flake tea, mao feng green tea, green tea with mint, jasmine pearls, popcorn tea, silver tips white tea, tung ting oolong, honeybush & rooibos, rooibos creme caramel, spiced winter red tea, peppermint leaves, chamomile flowers, super fruit tea, lemon & ginger, pure lemongrass, yerba mate, liquorice & mint, darjeeling, earl grey strong, apple & cinnamon, fennel & liquorice, rhubarb & ginger, chocolate & mint, and sweet ginger.


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345 reasons to buy this...

* * * * * by Paul K • 27th March 2014

“Like many, I'd tried the odd pack of TeaPigs from my local supermarket. After being impressed with the cuppa they produced, I wondered how many versions there actually were, and, if there was a way to get them all at once (no store has the lot). Clearly, TeaPigs is a great company who thinks like their customers, because they will sell you e-v-e-r-y one.

This deal (and it is a deal, even compared to the high street), has enough tea variety to keep anyone happy. There's almost enough for a whole year. The service of getting them to me was first class, with even the packaging and presentation being noteworthy.

In a nutshell, if you value the physical and mental benefits of 'me time' via a brilliant brew, this is well, well worth it.

Go on, it would be cheeky not to!”

Not the best presentation.

* * * - - by Keith Phillips • 7th December 2013

“Bought this as a gift for my daughter despite not being able to find out what teas are actually in it (the photo shows 21 but apparently 23?). Gift wrapping meant they came in two separate paper carrier bags with Tea Pigs on, so not ideal for putting under an xmas tree as a surprise. Certainly I was hoping for something a little nicer, especially as it's charged for separately.”

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