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gorgeous storage tins including 20 temples

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Teapigs Say

These gorgeous storage tins contain 20 tea temples. They make the perfect gift to yourself or for a friend.

Available in 11 fantastic flavours:

everyday brew, chai, mao feng green tea, chamomile flowers, peppermint leaves, spiced winter red tea, lemon & ginger, liquorice & mint, earl grey strong, rhubarb & ginger, apple & cinnamon

Product Specifications

  • air-tight clip top seal
  • not suitable for dishwashers
  • height 12cm
  • width 10.5cm


* * * * * (19)


* * * * * by Christopher Robson • 17th May 2018

“A top quality tea in a great tin. Delivery was fast and the package very well packed.”


* * * * * by Sillers • 17th January 2019

“One cuppa tea is never enough.....”

Looks good in the Kitchen

* * * * * by David Hunter • 14th November 2016

“A lovely product which will grace every kitchen. It looks good and the contents are even better. We ordered 3 tins and liked them so much that we ordered another 3. They make great Christmas presents.”

Fantastic customer service

* * * * * by Sue • 1st March 2019

“I ordered 3 tins as a gift and received an incorrect product - it happens in the best of companies. A quick call, lots of genuine concern and my tins were delivered by courier the following day. I would definitely recommend and will be buying myself some as they look so good.”

Absolutely Perfect!

* * * * * by Tegan Hopgood • 21st November 2016

“These tins are amazing, we have three in the cupboard now and I don't see us stopping anytime soon! They are a really lovely size and the design means they're so nice to look at. If only we had a little more side space and we'd have them all on display all the time! These tins are just so perfect and I can't recommend them enough!”

Tea tin

* * * * * by Sandra Johnson • 7th April 2019

“I bought this so I can store my loose tea that I really like !”

Can reuse again and again.

* * * * * by Joy • 21st November 2016

“Rhubarb and Ginger has a great taste.”


* * * * * by Kate Lovatt • 28th July 2019

“I absolutely adore your teas I don't drink any other brand now as I think they taste weak and dusty. All the teapigs teas I have tried taste real and I find them refreshing my favourites are lemon and ginger and the peppermint ones. I think teapigs should do gin infusions I bet they would be amazing, Ginpigs?”


* * * * * by Kris • 24th November 2016

“Just lovely - smart time that keep the tea pigs fresh. Love the flavours. Look nice in the kitchen.”

Lovely gift

* * * * * by Julie • 15th December 2016

“I bought this as a gift as the recipient loves peppermint tea and I thought it would be something they wouldn't buy themselves. I was very happy with the delivery, packaging and the tin itself.”

Lovely tea, lovely tin!

* * * * * by Samantha Priestley • 16th December 2016

“This is a beautiful flavour, full yet soothing, and so much better than the standard supermarket chamomile. Please start offering a tin of my favourite, Jasmine Pearls!!”

Love them

* * * * * by Suzanne • 27th January 2017

“Got three different tins - keep tea fresh & are reusable love them”

Superior taste

* * * * * by Tina • 21st April 2017

“I usually buy similar Liquorice and Mint tea-bags from our local discount supermarket but I thought I'd give Tea Pigs a go (I also love the look of the tin!)

I must say that the Tea Pig bags seem stronger and zingier than the discount version and I still love the look of the tin - makes it easier to pick out the right bag without having to sniff the bags in the tin I was keeping them in til now where they were all mixed up with other caffeine-free flavours.

I'm wondering what flavour to get next...”

Delicious tea and attractive tins.

* * * * * by Gail • 5th September 2017

“I love these teas and the tins are very attractive up on the shelf. Great purchase and bonus to have received one for free. :)”

Love them - bring out more!

* * * * * by Purple • 13th September 2017

“Love my tins. Wish you would bring out the Jasmine pearls and popcorn tea in tins too.”

Christmas presents

* * * * * by Jason Phillips • 12th November 2017

“These tins make fantastic stocking fillers”

Tins are super!

* * * * * by Anne Cathrine Bjørhall • 10th January 2018

“I am impatiently waiting for Darjeeling Earl Grey tins too, to complete my collection of tins for my favourite teas. The tins look so good and are the perfect storage for the lovely teas.”

A snuggly tea if ever there was one!

* * * * * by Maureen Crowley • 2nd February 2018

“I bought the spiced winter tea for me and I have to say it is delicious. I don't like 'builders' tea but do love gentler teas and this one especially. It does what it says on the tin. It is a decidely wintery tea (which in the glorious UK means it is acceptable to drink all year round!). It warms the cockles of your heart and makes you feel all warm and snuggly - okay it doesnt say that in the tin, but it should. Buy. Drink. Enjoy!”


* * * * * by Helen Hughes • 16th April 2018

“Gorgeous tea tins which would look fabulous in any kitchen with tea pigs included - love them. Only sad that I can’t get all of my favourite brews in a tea tin.”

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