peach lemonade

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limited edition
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Sweet as a peach, this is yummy cold or hot (on those rainy summer days!). All natural, refreshing & perfect over ice for the ultimate summer tipple.

Louise the tea taster says

how does it taste?

Like sweet peaches.

*this tea contains liquorice root - people with hypertension should avoid excessive consumption*

good if you're feeling

In need of a sweet treat! 

How we like it

Over ice.


One tea temple per person, cover the tea temple with a little boiling water (just enough so the tea starts to infuse and makes a concentrate). Allow to infuse for 3-5 minutes. Then top up with cold water and add ice.

Brew Time

  • tea temple - 1 per person. Infuse in boiling water. Brew for 3+ minutes.

Whole leaves take longer to brew, but the little wait is definitely worth it.

Good to know

limited edition
  • Boiling Water
    Boiling Water
  • Brew for 3+ minutes
    Brew for 3+ minutes
  • caffeine free
    caffeine free
  • Calories 4
    4 calories per cup
  • what's in it?

    apple pieces, blueberry, lemongrass, liquorice root, citric acid, lemon peel, peach cubes (peach, rice flour), natural peach flavouring, natural lemon flavouring

    *please note that this blend cannot be shipped to Australia or New Zealand as it contains lemon peel - a banned substance by the countries' quarantine service*
  • nutritional content per 100ml

    • 4 kcal
    • trace sugar
    • 0 fat
    • 1 carbohydrate
  • Allergens

    dairy free, gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Made in a factory that handles nuts


* * * * * (11)

Please make this part of the regular line

* * * * * by Emma • 10th July 2017

“This has the most fantastic taste. Hot or cold it's perfect this is one of the few teas that they have experimented with that's tastes just the way you expect it to. You are drinking a peach flavoured lemonade without the fix. I did purchase this expecting for it to be ok I didn't think I'd be back bulk buying because I don't want it to disappear. Please make it part of the regular line. I just love this drink. P.s I also love the packaging. The recealable pouch is brilliant”

Refreshing summery drink

* * * * * by Judy • 19th June 2018

“This is just what it says on the label, a true peach flavour. I tried it with chilled water and ice cubes, also with chilled soda water or lemonade. Delicious each time.”

Soooooo good

* * * * * by Samantha • 19th June 2018

“These are by far the best teapigs ever creates. Big statement I hear you say well they just might be, hot or cold they are amazing. I’ve bought three more bags”

Absolutely delicious!

* * * * * by Margaret Piatkowski • 16th July 2018

“I love teapigs because your teas taste as good as they smell - and the same is absolutely true of Peach Lemonade! It smells fruity and almost sherbet like and is equally delicious! I've been making iced tea with it (never done it before but followed the instructions) and my kids & husband prefer it to their usual sweet fizzy options so a total result! Please make them permanent!”

sweet & refreshing!

* * * * * by Poppy Wells • 5th October 2018

“This tea smells AMAZING and has a lovely subtle peach flavour, great hot or iced. Really hope this becomes part of the regular line instead of limited edition as I could happily drink it all year round.”

Wish this was on permanently!

* * * * * by Lisa Aindow • 7th November 2018

“This tea has been my all time favourite! So tasty hot or cold and you can easily get 2 or 3 cups from one bag. Please bring it back!”


* * * * * by Tara • 25th November 2018

“Read the reviews on this tea and decided to give it a go! I'm pleased I did, it is delicious. Crisp, refreshing and a joy to drink, either hot or cold. I agree, please make this available all year round. I only purchased one pack so will definitely be ordering some more very soon.”

Delicious Tea

* * * * * by Jonathan Williams • 31st December 2018

“The Peach Lemonade Tea is a real treat. The Lemon and Peach taste fantastic. Really refreshing tea.”

Peach lemonade

* * * * * by Helen • 12th July 2019

“Absolutely love this, really refreshing”


* * * * * by Maggie Stevenson • 27th July 2019

“Very flavoursome and refreshing. Love it.”

I need to buy more

* * * * * by Lucy Hayes Logan • 31st July 2019

“This tea actually tastes like a light lemonade without all the added rubbish it's amazing. I would 110% recommend. Subtle hints of peach really make this a favourite of mine.”

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