cucumber and apple cold brew

the ultimate summer cooler

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CB NEW - green
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A blend of cucumber and apple for a super light and cooling drink. This yummy infusion will make drinking water much more enjoyable. 2 litres a day? Easy. Glug, glug, glug. 

Louise the tea taster says

how does it taste?

Light, fruity with a refreshing hint of cucumber.

good if you're feeling

Thirsty! Or if you just fancy something healthy and delicious! 

How we like it

In our eva solo water bottle. 7 minutes brew time is the sweet spot for us but you can leave it in your bottle all day.

Brew Time

These tea temples have been specially made to brew in cold water. Genius! Drop the tea temple into your bottle or glass of cold water. The longer you brew it, the fuller the flavour.

Good to know

CB NEW - green
  • caffeine free
    caffeine free
  • Calories 1
    1 calories per cup
  • what's in it?

    apple pomace, citric acid, white hibiscus, spirulina, cucumber extract (natural cucumber flavouring), cucumber, natural flavouring (watermelon flavouring)

  • nutritional content per 100ml

    • 1 kcal
    • trace sugar
    • 0 fat
    • trace carbohydrate
  • Allergens

    dairy free, gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Made in a factory that handles nuts


* * * * * (15)

Delightfully delicious

* * * * * by Faye • 15th June 2019

“Fruity, cucumbery, refreshing. A total winner.”

Like a miracle!

* * * * * by Lili Phillios • 15th June 2019

“I’ve never liked drinking water but now I’m loving it, it’s like a mini miracle. I’m drinking an extra bottle a day and feeling much better for it. Tea pigs cold brew is delicious”

So refreshing

* * * * * by Ann • 17th June 2019

“Lovely refreshing flavour. I am happy to confirm, the flavour of one cucumber and apple teapig lasts all day, I made lots of water top ups. Makes a lovely alternative to plain water.”


* * * * * by Francis King • 17th June 2019

“Authentic taste and very refreshing”


* * * * * by Emma • 18th June 2019

“Very refreshing and delicately fruity. One bag actually lasted all day at work - just kept topping up my water bottle - so incredibly good value as well as delicious! Hurrah for cold brew! Will be adding to my water every day. A great alternative to cordial (and no sugar or other sweeteners!) Thank you Teapigs!”

makes water lovely

* * * * * by Anne Gavin • 18th June 2019

“I love all the teapigs teas and this is a lovely and refreshing addition to the range. I also bought the rose and lychee which is equally lovely.”

Gets the kids drinking more water!

* * * * * by Kathey • 20th June 2019

“This is super...refreshing, delicious and eco friendly too as well as being good for hydration. Win win situation here!! Delicious with ice and a slice of cucumber and mint in a water bottle and off for a healthy walk or in a jug on the table during study of work hours. Gets the kids hydrating more (which helps them study better & stay healthier) and it’s perfect for mums on the go (I take mine out in my bottle on every errand/walk/shopping trip to stay hydrated) and folks of all ages. Whether it’s a dinner party refresher, picnic or daily health treat these Cucumber & Apple cold brew teabags really make a difference and brighten up our water....& if we’re drinking more that can never be a bad thing :) Working my way through all the flavours now!! Get some....and make your daily water an invigorating treat :)”


* * * * * by kirsty • 3rd July 2019


So fresh, so delicious, so thirst quenching and so natural. I am not fan of squashes, but I never bother slicing cucumber or fruit to infuse my water, so this is the perfect solution for me! Fresh, delicious, natural and the best part is, it encourages me to drink more water!!”

perfect for the hot weather

* * * * * by Sunaina Chatterjee • 16th July 2019

“It is great that your team are always thinking of making tea drinking fun and yet not over priced. Excellent quality of teas. Thank you.”

What a lovely combo!

* * * * * by Jo • 16th July 2019

“I ordered the Eva Solo bottle & cold brew combo (Rose & Lychee) which is totally delicious. I was hoping that it would encourage me to drink more water & it has worked! Perfect for work, the gym, even days out. If you need a super stylish drinking bottle & a refreshing something to make water taste so good, then this is for you!”

Yum yum

* * * * * by Lucy Hayes Logan • 31st July 2019

“When it comes to flavouring water I always assume the tea options are going to be very artificial tasting (and even more so when it comes to apple) to my surprise this tea tastes more like cucumber than apple and is in no way artificial tasting steep in water and add ice for the best heatwave solution out there.”

Liked these

* * * * - by Helen • 25th August 2019

“I liked this but flavour not as strong as others. Probably would not purchase this flavour again”


* * * - - by Ellen • 22nd June 2019

“Don’t get me wrong........ this was a refreshing drink. Loved it ice cold from the fridge; BUT I’m not sure it was THAT great as to make it worth the £1 more than other cold brew tea bags on the market. Granted it’s the only one in this flavour, but I don’t think I’ll be buying them again unless there’s an offer or I need to top up my basket to get free delivery.”

Could be improved

* * * - - by Alexandra • 2nd July 2019

“I liked the cucumber and apple cold brew but preferred the lychee and rose one.
The cucumber and apple cold brew is on a para with good French mineral water like Evian and needs to be improved, in my view.”

Not sure !!!!

* * - - - by Sue Bowen • 21st July 2019

“I am struggling with this tea as, to me, it doesn't seem to have any taste, maybe my palate is a bit jaded, it's certainly not as flavourful as the wonderful Lychee and Rose. Sorry”

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