traditional matcha kit

Everything you need to get your daily matcha fix (in a traditional way!)

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Teapigs Say

We like to think of matcha as a superhero amongst teas, as it's a super concentrated green tea packed with green tea flavanoids. Matcha has been drunk for centuries in Japan by Buddist monks and royalty and if you go to a tea ceremony in Japan, matcha will be prepared for you in a bowl using a bamboo scoop and whisk. This kit contains everything you need to get your daily matcha fix - the traditional way!

Product Specifications

traditional matcha bowl

  • dishwasher and microwave safe
  • made from porcelain
  • 400ml

bamboo matcha whisk

  • 11 x 5cm
  • handwash only

bamboo scoop

  • 18cm long

what's in it?

  • 30g tin - teapigs organic matcha
  • traditional matcha bowl
  • bamboo matcha scoop
  • bamboo matcha whisk
  • teapigs matcha badge and leaflet 


* * * * * (4)

The Bamboo Whisk is Great!

* * * * * by Gillian Lindsay • 13th November 2012

“I love the idea of making matcha the traditional way. I love the Japanese culture and thought what a lovely way to make tea in the morning, time permitting of course. Like the other reviewer, I watched some VTs on Youtube showing you how to use this method of making tea. The bowl is beautiful and great quality. The little whisk gets rid of any clumps and does the job perfectly. There is no spillage as the bowl is bigger and you can whisk away. A lovely little kit, thank you Teapigs!”

Happy Customer

* * * * * by Lucy Coughlan • 16th March 2012

“Love this traditional kit! I watched some youtube video's on how to properly prepare the green tea, and followed the instructions :)
This is my first time buying matcha green tea, and it really does seem to put me in a good mood!
I like to drink mine with a dash of soymilk and a dot of maple syrup to sweeten it (it can taste slightly bitter when you're not used to it, or if you make it strong) :)”

Fab matcha bamboo whisk!

* * * * * by Louise McGarr • 12th June 2014

“I have been buying matcha for a couple of years so am already a convert to that, but I am so impressed with my new bamboo whisk. All this time I have been squashing it into a paste with the back of a teaspoon, but the bamboo whisk efficiently and effortlessly blends it in a far superior way. How did I manage without it all this time?!”

Great Kit

* * * * * by Tasha Cadman • 30th December 2016

“Fantastic kit to get you started on your matcha journey! The whisk and scoop are easy to clean, the scoop is perfect for getting the right amount of matcha. The traditional bowl is beautiful in its simplicity - all the focus is on the matcha. The tin has a twist lid to keep the air out, and your matcha fresh. And there is nothing like seeing the poof of matcha when you peel of the foil seal...

Great buy for someone who is getting started or is already into their matcha...”

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