premium matcha: super-power green tea

We’re so into matcha that it has its own section away from all of our other types of tea. Why? Well, in short, we see matcha as something of a superhero in the tea world: it’s full of nutrients and antioxidants, it makes you feel great, and it tastes amazing! We know everything there is to know about it. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that we wrote the book on matcha (no, really, we literally did write the book on matcha), and we want to spread the word and get more people enjoying its taste and its health benefits. Browse our full selection of matcha tea products right here – from tins of straight-up matcha powder, to handy sachets for creating the perfect flavoured matcha latte, plus plenty of kits and accessories to help you along.

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  1. premium matcha green tea

    £1.25 to £35.00

  2. matcha starter kit


  3. matcha Whisk


  4. matcha turmeric latte

    £1.25 to £35.00

  5. matcha chai latte

    £1.25 to £35.00

  6. matcha cocoa latte

    £1.25 to £35.00

  7. matcha mint latte

    £1.25 to £7.95

  8. matcha green tea drink

    £1.89 to £19.28

  9. traditional matcha kit


  10. Bamboo whisk and scoop


  11. teapigs matcha spoon


  12. the book of matcha


  13. matcha on the move


  14. Traditional matcha Bowl


  15. Matcha Shot Glass