Chai Latte Kit

all you need to make the perfect tea latte!

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Teapigs Say

Everything you need to make yourself the perfect chai latte at home. Forgot the sweet syrupy stuff you get in the coffee shops, this is real deal and it's super easy to do and enjoy at home.  Try something different with your tea temples this year.

what's in it?

  • 1 x pack of chai tea (15 tea temples)
  • 1 x double walled latte glass
  • 1 x electric milk frother


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It's a bit of a bargain

* * * * * by Debbie Clifford • 28th February 2012

“I was only going to buy the aerolatte, but this kit was such great value (cheaper than the aerolatte and a bag of the temples but with a free mug thrown) that I treated myself to this. The tea's great, the aerolatte means my tea is more cuppa-chai-no (sorry) than latte and the mug's a handy addition to the china cupboard. The kit's so great I've just bought another one as a surprise gift to cheer up a poorly sister. Recommended. And thank you!”

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