Smart tea set

keeps tea warm and looks great!

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Product Specifications

  • handmade fireproof glass with stainless steel lid & strainer
  • height 20cm
  • 1litre capacity
  • dishwasher safe


* * * * * (3)


* * * * * by Saira • 30th April 2015

“Lovely, keeps tea hot and looks great. Bonus that it is dishwasher safe.”

smart tea pot

* * * * * by • 18th September 2010

“showstopping piece of teamaking equipment. we get loads of compliments about the tea pot. very easy to use and maintain.”

It's smart and you'll be smart for buying it.

* * * * * by K O'connor • 19th February 2016

“No matter what I just don't like a warm cup of tea, I like them hot. This allows for hotter tea longer for sure. I can easily finish this pot off by myself before I have to worry about temperature. Best purchase ever.”

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