Simple glass teapot

Classic stylish glass teapot

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Teapigs Say

Classic stylish glass teapot suitable for both loose tea and tea temples. If you love watching your tea brew, you will love this. Our jasmine pearls look particularly entrancing and hypnotic in this - sit back, watch the pearls unfurl and you will see what we mean!

Product Specifications

  • handmade heat-resistant glass
  • height 11cm
  • top diameter 7cm, bottom diameter 8cm
  • 600ml capacity
  • hand wash only


* * * - - (8)

glass tea pot

* * * * * by • 29th August 2008

“super style, super product I am very happy with my little tea pot.”

Glass teapot

* * * * * by • 30th January 2010

“A ritual is born....lovely.”

lovely for two

* * * - - by Lauren Conway • 14th July 2012

“I love the wee little teapot, my only complaint with it is that it is not big enough to make 4 cups of tea, which is very dissapointing as that is how many tea-lovers live in my home.

Cheap and Flimsy

* * - - - by Sarah • 17th August 2012

“At over £20, this teapot feels very overpriced: the glass is very thin and seems like it will break easily.

The box is Chinese and very cheap-looking, making for a very poor gift.

The only saving grace is the non-drip spout that works well. Only room for 2 small cups of tea; I recommend you look elsewhere for a teapot of this quality, and spend about a quarter of the price.

What a shame when the tea on this site is so nice.”

Filter doesn't work for loose tea :-(

* * - - - by Louise Demarco • 26th November 2012

“A beautiful little teapot, but what a shame the filter is so flimsy. It doesn’t fit well so for loose leaf tea you end up with lots of leaves in your cup. Obviously works fine for tea bags and the larger loose tea such as the camomile is fine. However, for leaves, such as peppermint, unfortunately most of the leaves pass through or under the filter where is doesn’t fit properly. This was a gift and I was sadly embarrassed and disappointed to present it.”

An actual customer

* - - - - by Simon • 10th July 2012

“Cheap rubbish. Comes in an ever so stylish made in China branded box. Probably cost 1/10th of price paid. I wish I could return but it was a gift and arrived same day as I was seeing the person. I felt embarrassed giving the gift. I would definitely NOT repeat purchase.”

Glass Tea Pot

* - - - - by Derek Heath • 18th October 2013

“So cheap looking, and so small. Wish that I had read the reviews first. Will probably send it back.”

bought as gift

* - - - - by Rebecca Lauren McCormack • 24th July 2015

“Bought this as a gift a while back and partner didn't get around to use it until now. The filter is flimsy and practically useless, as it allows loose tea to come through the spout of the cup. Ok for teabag use, but should not be advertised for 'loose tea'. Disappointed with this bag, especially after buying loose tea to use in the teapot!”

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