Egg-shaped flask

Durable flask for keeping tea super hot

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Teapigs Say

Very durable insulated flask which is shaped like an egg with a smart chrome lid. This flask will keep your teapigs tea temples hot for hours. Available in black or white.

Product Specifications

  • double walled glass lined for thermal efficiency
  • 1 litre capacity
  • handwash only


* * * * * (15)

Better than I'd even hoped

* * * * * by Rachel Rayns • 10th January 2012

“My flask arrived today and I couldn't be happier.

I am currently writing an essay for university and it's been 4 hours since I filled the flask up and I JUST poured myself another hot (not warm!) fruit infusion.

I think I will be buying my mother one for her office!”

Absolutely brilliant

* * * * * by Pauline Barthel • 12th December 2011

“We have 2 of these and they're brilliant! We don't infuse the tea in them as the tea would gradually "stew". SO, we decant our tea into the pots and then use them all day OR have a really hot cup of tea waiting when we walk in the door.

Cleaning is quite simple: use DriPak soda crystals with water inside and/or their Liquid Soda Crystals for the outside. It's green and gentle and cleans ALL your tea stained ware.

Cannot recommend these enough - saves energy: ours and electricity.”

Love The Egg

* * * * * by Fiona Cocking • 29th April 2012

“Everyone at work has Egg Envy!
Highly recommended.”

Invaluable flask.

* * * * * by Linda M • 17th March 2012

“Use this flask every day. I make up a full flask in the morning and just top up as the day goes on. I am a coffee drinker usually but having given coffee up for Lent I have been guzzling tea pigs flavours and using this invaluable flask. Coffee is now just second best and I think next year my Lenten task will be giving up tea pigs!!!”

Essential for all tea drinkers.

* * * * * by Charlie • 6th July 2012

“I would be lost without this flask. I have had mine for just over a year now, and it must have saved me a fortune in not having to boil the kettle every time I want a cup of tea.
The water stays very hot for hours; even the morning after the night before! It looks great too.”

Love it!

* * * * * by Fiona Cocking • 1st May 2012

“And so does everyone at work. They think it's very cute. Have just bought second for home use”


* * * * * by Mrs Rosemarie Gordon • 15th April 2013

“When will this item be back in stock in the colour Black as I would love one please.”

Worth buying

* * * * * by Gem • 7th March 2013

“Got this in black, it arrived yesterday and I'm using it for the first time today. Lets forget for a minute how cool it looks (because it does). Keeps the water really really hot for ages, and I like to drink quite a lot of my herbal teas throughout the day so it's saved me having to go back and forth to boil the kettle everytime. I just pour myself another :)”

Must Buy

* * * * * by Latifa • 23rd September 2013

“Bought the black one for my mother and she loved it! (looks well posh & pretty cool) Now iv been told to order the white one too! lol. Definately worth the buy. :)”

Love it!

* * * * * by Debbie Calthrop • 28th December 2017

“I managed to order the white one which looks great and much bigger than the website picture. I struggle to drink water during the winter months but pop 2 teapig bags in the egg and allow it to infuse and drink tea all day long. So impressed with how long the tea stays warm as well. It has been my favourite Xmas present. Does that make me really sad? ”

Looks great / works brilliantly

* * * * * by Deborah Calthrop • 22nd January 2018

“Have just ordered my second egg as we’re all fighting over what flavour tea to put in the flask. Have had lots of comments from friends on how nice it looks and most importantly, it keeps your tea piping hot for hours although the outside of the egg feels cool.”

Nothing short of the 8th Wonder of the World

* * * * * by Neil • 14th February 2018

“Piping hot at 07:30 this morning ... piping hot 16:30. Great design, great pouring, great product, great energy saver. Flavours can linger so use for water only, but thats only a small thing.”


* * * * - by Jessica • 3rd October 2011

“Really cool design and something more exciting than a regular thermos. Keeps my tea hot for ages.”

Looks great but impossible to clean

* * * - - by Maria • 11th April 2011

“i wanted a teapot that didnt look too old or too posh and after chasing teapigs for several weeks to get this black lovely back into stock i was very happy when it came in the post.

It looks exactly like the picture and holds approx 4 cups/3 large mugs, although you will need 2 teabags if making any more than 2 cups at a time. It also keeps my tea warm for hours on end which is fab as i tend to make a flask of liquorice and peppermint and plonk it on my desk as fuel for the day. The longest i have left it so far is about 8 hours after i went out shopping and forgot but i still found it to be drinkably hot.

My only, however somewhat major gripe is that its nigh on impossible to clean. The exterior is gloss black plastic with a silver plastic lid, however the inside is glass with a typical bottle shaped neck and no way to take it apart. the instructions also clearly state not to submerge in water or put in a dishwasher and to only rinse with soapy water. I dont exactly have chubby hands, but even i struggle to get a sponge in to clean it and have to stick to swilling with soapy water. Ionly really use the pot for one flavour, but i can see how this could be an issue if you wanted to alternate flavours.”


* - - - - by Dawn Collie • 26th March 2014

“Having read the rave reviews I was excited upon receiving my flask and just had to use it! Imagine my disappointment when I went to pour my tea...and it leaked everywhere and burnt my hand in the process. I will most definitely be returning this item:(”

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