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Super clever brugo travel mug

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Teapigs Say

This is the new and improved super clever Brugo travel mug which solves all the eternal tea-on-the-go issues! Most thermal mugs do a great job of keeping your tea piping hot but the trouble is you have to wait for it to cool down before you can take as sip. If you're a tea nut and you want your tea NOW, you'll love the Brugo mug. It not only features a double-wall to keep your tea hot for an hour and a half, but also a unique temperature control chamber allowing you to "cool" your tea to the perfect temperature before taking a sip (or gulp, if you're greedy like us!)  It's also lockable - so no more spills!   Tip and cool function - simply  tip the mug so that your tea enters the special temperature control chamber and sip away at just the right temperature Sip function - if you're happy with the temperature of your tea and want to bypass the temperature control chamber, you can just use it like a traditional mug.

Product Specifications

  • height 19.5cm
  • width 8cm
  • weight 430g
  • hand wash only


* * * * - (7)


* * * * * by • 29th June 2011

“This mug is brilliant, as is the Customer Service with teapigs. I ordered this mug as part of a larger order. It all arrived quickly but the mug was faulty. I emailed teapigs to tell them; they were very apologetic and sent out a replacement straight away. I received my replacement the very next day and it's perfect! I usually have to wait ages to drink my tea as I don't like it too hot, but with this mug I can drink it straight away with the Tip and Cool function. And the 'sips' you get using it are the perfect size (for me anyway)!”

10/10- AWESOME- I am in love!

* * * * * by Helen Thomas • 11th October 2011

“This mug is fantastic! Keeps my tea (or coffee) hot for hours. BUT also this mug DOES NOT SPILL! The first thing I did (when I was giving it a clean before use) was fill it with water, turned it upside down and gave it a damn goods shake (obviously with the lock on). I was expecting a bit of leakage, but there was none!
I keep the mug in my handbag (it doesn't always stay upright) and I have NEVER had even the slightest spill or leak.
I am going to buy a few of these as xmas gifts and I recommend that you do the same!!

Oh and the colour is pretty spiffy too!

Brugo. Travel. Mug.

* * * * * by Laurie. Pollard • 14th March 2014

“I. Solely. Purchased. The. Brugo. To. Drink. In. The. House. I. Think. Its. Fantastic. Its. Leak. Proof. It. Doesent. Taste. Of. Plastic. At. All. As. Some. Customers. Have. Said. The. Tip. And. Sip. Works. Great. And. Even. Though. The. Amount. That. You. Do. Sip. Isnt. Great. I. Think. Its. Enough. If. Some. Customers. Are. Saying. Its. Still. Quite. Hot. To. Sip. Then. As. It. States. In. The. Instruction. Guide. Then. You. Tip. It. A. Couple. More. Times. I. Think. Its. Very. Good. Quality. Well. Made. And. Well. Worth. The. Price. Tag. And. I. Am. Very. Very. Pleased. With. This. Brugo. Well. Done. Tea. Pigs. For. Selling. This. Brilliant. Product.”

actually quite good

* * * * - by • 29th April 2011

“I wanted something that I could take to college in my bag with me and drink throughout the day without having to pour it in to a lid to drink a-la-thermos. the brugo full fills this criteria perfectly, I have most thoroughly tested the spill-proof-ness of this mug, shook it about upside down, had it in my bag on its side all day, and used both boiling and cold water with success and no leaks!

its rather pretty and show off-able too (I have it in med green), holds a fair amount (450ml I believe) and is easy to sip from without getting tea down your front, which is always plus.

bad points: with no access to the cooling chamber, its hard to clean; I have found swirling hot water and lemon through it to be an effective, non-harsh cleanser though.
the maximum I have found it keeps my tea warm for is three hours, which is ok, but the longer the better.

tip- make sure the chamber is COMPLEATLY empty after you have locked it.

I'm very glad I brought it, so I happily recommend. (:”

Fiddly lid and tepid results

* * * - - by Lucy Thomson • 13th November 2012

“This product does what it says it should do, and the sip feature does cool the tea, but in my view, does not give a satisfying "slurp" of tea and is often tepid rather than nicely hot. If you are using it on the move, it is also very fiddly to turn the lid to the correct setting as the markings are not clear, so also annoying.
Nice colours, but that's about it, I'm going back to my Boden thermal travel mug which keeps the tea at a constant temperature for a much longer time.”

Water got stuck!!

* * - - - by Jun Wei Lim • 29th February 2012

“The mug works well initially. But now, (I dunno how and why), some water got stuck in the "hidden" compartment. Anyone know why/how to get the water out? =(
I tried every single way to open it, but failed.

email me if anyone knows the answer:”

It smells

* * - - - by N • 12th February 2013

“The mug functions but it has the smell of plastic and it never disappears. IMO, for the sips you will get every time, it is not worth the money and the effort you put (remember you have to tilt it). The capacity is another minus, too. I wish I had checked reviews on other websites before buying it.”

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