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Teapigs Say

Loose leaf tea made simple. This stainless steel infuser rests in your cup or pot. When the tea has infused, simply empty the leaves and wash out. Easy!

Product Specifications

  • suitable for teapigs whole leaf tea
  • stainless steel
  • height 5cm
  • width 5.5cm
  • width of lip 9.5cm
  • dishwasher safe


* * * * * (10)


* * * * * by charlotte • 31st January 2012

“Love this item! I had been looking for an infuser that was not tiny and fiddly like other I have and this one looked ideal. It fits ALL the mugs I have from delicate bone china to very robust ceramic Disney mugs !!! Plenty of room for infusion, lovely wide top for easy filling and emptying, cleans with a rinse under the tap.......LOVE IT!!!!”

Great Product

* * * * * by Nabeel Ul-Haq • 2nd March 2013

“Absolute must for loose tea drinkers”


* * * * * by Kelly • 4th January 2013

“I spent ages trying to find an infuser for my beloved Teapigs loose leaf teas, and all I could find was infusing wheels, which I had found fiddly and annoying in the past. But this is fantastic! It fits all my cups and mugs, is ridiculously easy to use (unlike infusing wheels) and infuses my tea really well, having plenty of room for the leaves to float about in (once again unlike the wheels!). If you like loose leaf tea BUY IT NOW!!”

So simple

* * * * * by Kathleen Richardson • 25th March 2014

“Plonk it on a mug, make tea, repeat.

That's my day. Not at all fiddly and allows you to make it fresh each time which makes it more useful than a teapot when making it for one. And I'm quite good at breaking teapots.”

Best infuser

* * * * * by SueC • 7th February 2014

“As a way of saving some pennies invested in this to use with loose tea and am delighted with effectiveness of this infuser. Use it at work and am tempted to buy another for home use as works so well.”

Simply a must have!

* * * * * by Dan Styles • 22nd October 2015

“Simple, well made, essential item for loose teas! don't waste your money on cheap ball diffusers on ebay, as i have before! as the leaves can't circulate properly and you end up using double the amount of leaves to get a decent cup of tea! wide enough for even some large mugs too. a must have item!”

Tea Infuser

* * * * * by Jan Palmer • 15th January 2017

“I am a loose leaf tea fanatic, always having green, jasmine, peppermint and earl grey in house. This infuser is works well is attractive, and designed to last. My previous infuser was made of mesh and that has ruptured and split. The perforated metal that this infuser is made of looks like it will stand the test of time. Very reasonably priced too.”

Now I have a spare!

* * * * * by Christina • 11th March 2017

“I had bought one of these more than 10 years ago, different brand - different country even. It was the best and easiest infuser. I was always on the look out to buy a spare but I couldn't find them anywhere. Now I'm sorted :-)
This, like others have said, makes really nice tea cause the leaves have plenty of room to unfold. You can chuck it in the dishwasher or rinse it by hand. When I do the latter it makes me smile cause it sings! As the water falls it makes a sound like when you play with crystal glasses.
Anyway, the best infuser ever, makes me wonder why there are not more like this in the market.”

An Excellent Tea Strainer

* * * * * by Carine Appleby • 27th April 2017

“I've used a bunch of tea strainers by now and I really like this one. It holds Teapigs' tea (which is all I've tried so far) without leaking leaves all over the place and the wide brim makes it easy to remove without burning any fingers.”

The best tea infuser ever

* * * * * by Alison Swayne • 2nd May 2017

“This is so simple yet brilliant - the tea leaves infuse so much better than when in a smaller enclosed infuser.”

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