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Teapigs Say

Great for all kinds of loose tea – this nifty little number is perfect for a one cup infuser, hanging neatly on the side of your cup or mug. It comes with its own stand so no mess – just a great tasting cuppa!

Product Specifications

  • stainless steel and silicone


* * * * * (4)

Perfect for making one cup of tea

* * * * * by Christine Sanders • 11th September 2015

“I've had these before and this is an excellent price.

Pefect for making a single cup of tea, easy to use and the neat little holder so there are no drips. Ten out of ten, an excellent product.

Hope I can keep it looking pristine white.”


* * * * * by Frances • 25th August 2017

“Makes a super cup of tea. Great quality product”


* * * * * by Amy • 18th March 2016

“Easy to clean, perfect for a single brew.
Holder is good to stop drips. Teapigs loose tea spoon is the perfect size for this infuser.

Love it, thank you!”

Expected great, got mediocre

* * * - - by Kristabel • 25th November 2018

“I'm using the teapigs loose leaf teas and bought this item because the reviews were great and I wanted something that would fit into my small one-person teapot or into a mug depending on my choice.

Unfortunately I've found that the tea somehow manages to escape through either the holes or where the metal seals into the black part and I end up with tealeaves floating in my drink.

It's not the end of the world, but it's a bit annoying from a product that I expected much more from.”

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