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Teapigs Say

Great for all kinds of loose tea – this nifty little number is perfect for a one cup infuser, hanging neatly on the side of your cup or mug. It comes with its own stand so no mess – just a great tasting cuppa!

Product Specifications

  • stainless steel and silicone


* * * * - (6)

Perfect for making one cup of tea

* * * * * by Christine Sanders • 11th September 2015

“I've had these before and this is an excellent price.

Pefect for making a single cup of tea, easy to use and the neat little holder so there are no drips. Ten out of ten, an excellent product.

Hope I can keep it looking pristine white.”


* * * * * by Amy • 18th March 2016

“Easy to clean, perfect for a single brew.
Holder is good to stop drips. Teapigs loose tea spoon is the perfect size for this infuser.

Love it, thank you!”


* * * * * by Frances • 25th August 2017

“Makes a super cup of tea. Great quality product”

Expected great, got mediocre

* * * - - by Kristabel • 25th November 2018

“I'm using the teapigs loose leaf teas and bought this item because the reviews were great and I wanted something that would fit into my small one-person teapot or into a mug depending on my choice.

Unfortunately I've found that the tea somehow manages to escape through either the holes or where the metal seals into the black part and I end up with tealeaves floating in my drink.

It's not the end of the world, but it's a bit annoying from a product that I expected much more from.”

Doesn't really work

* - - - - by Mark Davis • 27th December 2018

“The idea of this sounded perfect, but the reality is badly flawed. The holes in the bottom of the infuser seem a little larger than those on the side, so all the smaller bits of tea sluice out as soon as you put water over it. There's also no holes in the top so a lot of air remains trapped inside, creating a pocket of air and dry tea leaves unless you spend the entire brewing time jiggling it around to try to get the air out.
Wouldn't recommend, it needs holes in the top section for full circulation and smaller holes on the bottom and ideally more holes around the edge.”

poor design holes too big

* - - - - by Deb H • 27th December 2018

“Looks great , wanted it for christmas , but the holes are too large for the tea pigs liquorice and peppermint tea leaves and they escape through which makes for a less enjoyable cup of tea. Cant recommend”

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