what is iced tea?

The concept of iced teas have been around for a long time, particularly in places where the weather gets warm. It’s pretty simple, really – a tea that’s been brewed hot, then chilled to enjoy cold. Just what it says on the tin!

how is iced tea made?

Here’s where it gets a little interesting. Unlike cold brews (which go straight into cold water) iced teas are first made hot.

Brew the tea in boiling water for 45 minutes – we need to get a nice strong flavour!

Add organic blue agave for a little sweetness – no nasty artificial sweeteners here, thanks.

A little citrus twist to the teas in the form of lemon or lime juices. This just helps to balance all the flavours and bring them together in sweet harmony.

Finally, fill up the cans – and get ready to make their way to you!

The tea's brewed for a long time to create a much more intense flavour - a bit like making a concentrate. As it’s drunk chilled, the flavours mellow and balance to make a delicious cold drink for a hot day. So all you have to do is open a can and enjoy!

what does iced tea taste like?

Thanks to their initial hot brew, iced teas are packed full of flavour. If a cold brew tastes like an infused water, an iced tea tastes like a burst of fresh fruit. Yum! We always use the real deal, so when we say there’s peach – you’ll taste peach! Already tried our top selling super fruit hot? You’ll recognise that hibiscus kick right away. We happen to think ours are the very best iced teas around – they’re everything you could want from a tea, only cold. Nice, right?

is all iced tea made from tea?

Strictly speaking, no. To be a ‘true’ tea, the blend needs to use leaves from the camellia sinensis (also know as the tea bush). If no tea leaves are used, it’s technically called a herbal infusion or tisane – but since they’re drunk so interchangeably with proper teas, we allow them the honorary title. Like most of our range, for our iced teas we use both! One fruity, herbal iced tea, and one black tea iced tea.

does iced tea have caffeine in it?

Well, that depends! Most teas (hot or iced!) will get their caffeine content from the tea leaves themselves. The black tea with peach is made with (you guessed it) black tea, so it is naturally caffeinated. The super fruit with berries is a fruity herbal infusion – no ‘real’ tea to give caffeine, and in this instance no other caffeinated ingredients either.  Just a naturally caffeine free, fruit infused ice tea.

is iced tea alcoholic?

Nope! Iced tea can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone, of any age. Iced teas can make a top notch, healthy alternative to drinking alcohol. That comes particularly in handy when you need a booze free option at picnics or barbecues in the sun – making it the best drink for the summer.

…that being said, if you did fancy a bit of a grown up twist, a little birdy told us they make excellent mixers too. Get inspired by checking out our blog.

where is the iced tea made?

Our iced teas are brewed & canned in the UK by the same folk who make our kombucha - using the same all-natural ingredients you’ll find in the regular teapigs range.

does iced tea contain sugar?

No - we use agave to sweeten our iced teas rather than plain old sugar.

New to the agave gang? Agave is a type of succulent (that’s those spikey little plants that basically look like less painful cactuses). Amongst other things, the agave plant creates a sweet nectar that’s a bit like a runny honey – a lovely, natural sweetener that works really well in drinks.

But more importantly, it tastes much better! Refined sugars put up a fight and overpower with that sickly syrupy flavour, but natural sweeteners compliment the sweetness of the real fruits. Agave also doesn't affect the flavour as much as honey, and keeps things vegan too! Handy.