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GT 2019 1 star
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Variations of aromatic, spiced, milky tea have been the Indian drink of choice for hundreds of years. We've blended rich, malty Assam tea with exotic cardamom pods, cinnamon, ginger and vanilla to develop our own blend of this delicious, satisfying and yummy beverage that encapsulates all the colour and vibrancy of India in a cup.

Louise the tea taster says

how does it taste?

Warming and spicy - a true taste of India.

good if you're feeling

Half-asleep. This tea will boost the awake half, and give the sleepy half a resounding slap around the chops.

How we like it

Drink with milk, and maybe even a little sugar or honey.


Just cover one tea temple with boiling water and infuse for 3 minutes. Remove temple and top-up glass with iced water. 

Brew Time

  • tea temple - 1 per person. Infuse in boiling water. Brew for 3+ minutes.
  • loose tea - 1 rounded teaspoonful per person. Brew for 3+ minutes.

Whole leaves take longer to brew, but the little wait is definitely worth it.

Good to know

GT 2019 1 star
  • Boiling Water
    Boiling Water
  • Brew for 3+ minutes
    Brew for 3+ minutes
  • Calories 1
    1 calories per cup
  • Black tea from Assam, India
    Black tea from Assam, India
  • what's in it?

    Assam black tea, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom pods,  vanilla, natural cinnamon flavour, other natural flavourings

  • nutritional content per 100ml

    • 1 kcal
    • 0 sugar
    • 0 fat
    • trace carbohydrate
  • Allergens

    dairy free, gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Made in a factory that handles nuts.


* * * * * (88)

Best Chai Ever

* * * * * by • 27th April 2009

“This is the nicest Chai I have ever had, I am a total convert to it and can't wait to try the Chilli version!”

AMAZING! And I'm Indian!

* * * * * by • 30th November 2010

“Having seen chai made regularly at home as I grew up, I never intended to try teapigs' version of it thinking I could rustle up a decent one myself. I was sent the Chai tea by mistake. And once I tried it, I was absolutely addicted. I made 5 cups in succession and am online buying multiple packs of it as I write this.
Each tea bag has the perfect blend of spice and flavour and never fails to be refreshing. Needs to be had with milk and sugar, though, to bring out the real chai flavour. Wish teapigs did a larger portion of it too!”

The best!

* * * * * by jenniej • 7th December 2012

“I am an avid chai lover, mostly going for chai lattes in cafes and making them at home with a powder mix. I have tried many chai teas, hoping for a lower in fat, yet just as tasty alternative! Well boys and girls this is it! Add a little milk n sweetener and we have a tasty, low fat, tummy warmer. Have yet to try a 'teapigs chai latte', but Im sure it wont be long! Just a lovely taste, with a nice balance of the spices/herbs...not overpowering clove which all the rest seem to have. ThankYou teapigs! :)”

The best Chai I have ever tasted

* * * * * by Christine Sanders • 13th August 2015

“I have just tried one of the Chai tea temples and it is so delicious. The blend of spices is perfect. Have now put in a regular monthly order. A real treat. CS”

New discovery

* * * * * by Beverly Osborne • 15th September 2018

“Recently tried Chai tea for the first time, and its wonderful”

Died and gone to heaven

* * * * * by • 7th May 2009

“Delicious tea. Soothing and invigorating all at the same time. I'm going to have to make another pot.”

As good as the one I make myself, without all the mess ;)

* * * * * by • 21st January 2011

“With a hint of sugar and a dash of milk this is the perfect with your dessert after a spicy Indian curry. The cardomom cleanses the palette and the cinnamon is sweet and warming.

1 bag is strong enough to make 2 good brews.”

How good!!!

* * * * * by Shaun • 5th February 2013

“Purchased on a trip to Harvey Nicholls i think i may be purchasing the X 50 temples its superb!!!!!”

The Best

* * * * * by Dan • 18th August 2015

“Best Chai Ever”

cant go wrong with chai

* * * * * by Poppy Wells • 5th October 2018

“brilliant flavour, perfect way to start the day”

Christmas In A Cup

* * * * * by • 14th November 2006

“I was at the Good Food Show at Olympia at the weekend and got a free sample of this tea. I brewed it quite weak and drank it black. The spices give it the aroma of Christmas in a cup! The spices were quite subtle, which is a good thing, as cinnamon in particular can be overpowering. A real hit here - must order some for festive imbibing.”

Aromatherapy in a cup!

* * * * * by • 23rd May 2009

“This tea is luurrrveeelyy. The spices just waft into your face and give you an uplifting feeling and when you drink it makes you feel all cozy inside. Because it comes in the pretty tea temples you can see all the lovely spices bobbing around too. If you are a sweet tooth add some sugar and if you feel naughty full fat milk!


A lovely warming treat

* * * * * by • 9th May 2011

“I love this tea, after trying several different brands tea pigs is by far the best. It smells delightful and tastes wonderful with a touch of milk and sugar. Scrumptious :-)”

So so good

* * * * * by Helen • 15th January 2016

“This is delicious.”

Find your zen

* * * * * by Claire I • 23rd October 2018

“I'm a huge fan of this chai tea.

Especially during the colder months of the year. It's deeply aromatic and comforting.

I like it with some warm oat milk but more often than not I just have it on it's own.

Great if you like a lot of flavour and if you are having a cosy night in.”

The Best Chai this side of India

* * * * * by • 19th December 2006

“When I went online to buy a few Christmas presents I thought I would treat myself to a few new teas, and tried a sample tin of the Chai. To be honest my expectations were low, as I've tried chai in the UK before and none of them even come close to the chai I remember drinking from clay cups on the busy streets and station platforms of India, 14 years ago.

How wrong I was! It is fantastic. Tastes delicious, smells amazing, totally authentic - especially if you add hot milk & a big spoonful of sugar. Go on, you know you want it!”

My mountain climbing tea of choice!

* * * * * by • 18th June 2009

“On a recent holiday to the Lake District, my boyfriend and I had a flask of teapigs Chai tea at the top of every hill we climbed! I am already converted to yummy teapigs teas, so this is no great surprise for me, my boyfriend, however was wary of 'funny tasting teas' as he put it!! After our first mountain top cup of chai though, he was sold, and made a flask every day!
Yummy, spicy, comforting tea, I have it with milk and no sugar - delicious.”


* * * * * by margery nzerem • 23rd November 2011

“This one is definitely on the list of teas I will order once I have finished my sample pack! A lovely blend of tea and spices, very refreshing.”


* * * * * by Sheila Morrison • 6th May 2013

“Totally addicted to this tea - I used to save it as a special treat, but now I drink more of it than my usual Earl Grey. It's the closest thing to real chai I've tasted. I just add milk and it's perfect!”

Truly Beautiful

* * * * * by Eleanor Dillon • 20th February 2016

“Absolutely wonderful with a very small amount of milk and half a teaspoon of sugar, or on its own (but don't leave the tea bag in longer than 5 minutes in this case as it's VERY strong).”

Sara Michell

* * * * * by • 20th March 2007

“Never had chai tea before, but decided to try it, absolutely delicious, fantastic flavour. You can drink it black or with a drop of milk, a very tasty tea. Teapigs have done it again!!”

Chai tea

* * * * * by • 8th July 2009

“ refreshing and yummy. i don't drink any other tea anymore!!!”


* * * * * by Lauren Williams • 23rd January 2012

“I love Starbucks Chai Tea lattes and bought this to not recreate them but to get something close and a nice treat at home. I make it half milk and half hot water and heat in a small pan with the leaves and a teaspoon of honey, strain and then whisk up with the aerolatte whisk plus add a little extra milk foam in the cup! I drink it in my tea pigs eco cup and without realising I've recreated my favourite drink but the tea taste so much nicer and a beautiful flavour as its REAL TEA and not a flavoured syrup!!!”

Little cup of heaven

* * * * * by Ash • 10th April 2016

“So so delicious, Im trying to curb calories and my sweet tooth so this is a perfect little sweet cuppa virtually calorie free,yum, thanks for making it Teapigs! Looking forward to trying more in the range soon”


* * * * * by Rosie • 5th March 2019

“Lovely tea! A nice treat for the afternoon!”

Indian Bliss.

* * * * * by • 31st May 2007

“beautiful, smooth tea. Delightful, fragrant and smooth. Scored really highly with us - was like a warm indian summer on a miserable british rainyday!”

So refreshing!

* * * * * by Laura • 15th February 2012

“In general I am not a fan of spicy tea but Teapigs chai is something special. Nice to have after long and busy day as it takes away all tiredness. I wish it was available in loose tea pcks as well.”


* * * * * by Lauren Williams • 7th August 2013

“Lovely tea, it's become one of my favourites. I've tried it with and without milk and so far I actually prefer it without, steeped for as long as possible. Going to try adding honey next. The smell is divine and the taste is a very gentle, soothing spice. The cinnamon really comes through. Really want to try the chilli chai- wish all your teas could be bought loose!”


* * * * * by Kez • 11th June 2016

“Fantastic sauce of energy - this beats my morning coffee any day. I am a big fan of Teapigs! :)”

Amazing Chai

* * * * * by John Connor • 6th March 2019

“Best out there”

The Full Mumbai

* * * * * by • 16th August 2007

“Like one of your other customers I'd searched high and low for a decent chai since I returned to the UK from living in India. There are lots of fakes out there, but this is the real masala, the full Mumbai. One cup of this and I'm back among the Neem trees on Malabar Hill. If you've experienced proper Indian chai, buy this. If you haven't, buy this anyway and spice up your life!”

Exceeded expectations

* * * * * by • 9th January 2010

“First fell in love with chilli chai - an experimental buy at Christmas.

Having read the first review here I wasn't sure whether to order the chai or not. I did. And, I'm glad I did.

It proves to me that whilst the reviews may be useful you have to try these teas for yourself to see which ones you like.

In the big freeze of Jan 2010 a cup of chai from Teapigs is all you need to defrost and unwind. It's wonderful (IMHO)”

Top Rate Chai

* * * * * by Lucy • 22nd November 2013

“I am so pleased to have found the tea pigs Chai, it is just delicious. Perfect brewed strong with a drop of milk added. I think the natural sweetness is enough without the need to add any sugar. I am a fan of the Chai Tea Lattes at a well know coffe chain, but this is a far cheaper (and healthier alternative). I will be putting the 50 temple pack on my Christmas list.”

Benchmark Chai

* * * * * by Karin Marks • 15th July 2016

“Although I believe chai is at its best when made from scratch using loose tea from the Malabar Coast, your chai is the absolute best "convenience" chai I've ever had and I've tried a few. Supermarket brands are inconsistent, and the brand from another more upmarket competitor, while nice in flavor, just lacks the accompanying sweetness yours has. I can drink any of your teas without sugar and not miss it. The cinnamon and cloves in this one are well-balanced and neither is overpowering: each spice comes through individually, the experience is like tasting a good wine. And while I was quite peeved for a little that you discontinued loose-leaf yerba mate, I can't help returning because your teas are just so up my alley. Keep up the great job you're doing!”

Love this

* * * * * by Jo Nevin • 20th May 2019

“A very comforting tea to drink. I like my tea quite weak and this is perfect if you don’t brew it for too long. Always have this in the cupboard.”


* * * * * by • 15th February 2008

“just bootiful...
leave to soak for at least three minutes, add milk and a little sugar...”


* * * * * by • 17th February 2010

“My most favourite of teas. It's the one I drink most of the time. Try it after a curry - it's very good!”

Oh my goodness - is this really chai!?

* * * * * by Sadie Darling-Hewitt • 11th May 2012

“Thank you so much for my free sample - it was very bolly good! I had it with a small teaspoon of honey and a tiny dollop of whole milk and it was divine.
I really can't believe that certain high street cafe's are at all the same as your's! They always completely drown the taste in milk!
Your Chai is by-far the best that I have ever tasted!”

My new love

* * * * * by Jenni Jackson • 5th December 2013

“Adore this tea, great on its own, lovely with milk, great as a latte, even a soy milk latte has made it into my weekly drink rota!
Great as a pick up in the morning and a calming destresser in the evening.
This has replaced my previous regular Rooibos tea now and I can get through the 50 pack in a week!
Love it!”

Tastes just like Dishoom's chai tea!

* * * * * by Red Barry • 12th March 2017

“Having visited, the highly rated and popular, Dishoom recently in London, I wanted to try and recreate the delicious chai tea that they serve whilst queuing. This is almost exactly like it, so I'm delighted. I add a little milk and a half a teaspoon of honey, and it's just perfect. Well done Teapigs!”

Spices of India in a cup

* * * * * by Joanne Mortlock • 24th June 2019

“This is a luxurious cup of tea. The look is a lovely caramel colour, the smells are full of different spices making my mind drift to the spice markets of India, and the taste is warming and spicy. India in a cup.”


* * * * * by • 8th March 2008

“I'm a big chai fan. This is really lovely, delicatly spiced Not overpowered by one particular flavour.. I like it a lot and have it with a splash of milk and some honey to sweaten. I even used it to flavour a chai apple pie! Perfect.”

full bodied and delicious

* * * * * by • 19th February 2010

“And the Chai isn't bad either! seriously, the Chai is a lovely blend of spices and what is needed is a bit of patience, I use the loose tea with a tea 'ball' and let the flavours infuse for a good 5 minutes. What seems to enhance the flavour further is a small amount of sugar. This makes a delicious drink which is very warming and reviving.”


* * * * * by sophie brown • 30th May 2012

“i had never tried chai tea before so i cant compare it to anything but all i can say is that it was refreshing, smelt beautiful, tasted so nice!! will certainly be buying more!!!”

A pleasure to drink

* * * * * by Laura • 19th February 2014

“This tea is beautiful with a very subtle sweetness. Its a luxury to drink.”

Good quality

* * * * * by Colin Smith • 15th April 2017

“Good quality well balanced flavours and not sweet.”


* * * * * by Theresa Clark • 28th August 2019

“Love chai tea but not the after taste it leaves behind, can’t explain it any other way but finally found one with the flavours I love but without that after taste. Also teapigs were great with there communication and even helped when I had a problem with the post office delivery and resolved the problem for me which wasn’t even their fault. Would certainly recommend to anyone and will be buying more”

The best chai this side of the sub-continent?

* * * * * by • 20th March 2008

“I guess that argument can rage for a good while yet, but what is unarguable is that this chai has subtle, delicate flavours that don't bury the character of the tea - as is the case with some inferior brands.

I also find that if the chai is mixed 1:1 with the chilli tea it is taken to yet another taste level. An initial hit on the nose of the orange from the chilli tea, followed by the rounded, comforting spices of the chai which gives way a longer lasting (but by no means unpleasant) warmth on the tongue from the chilli.”


* * * * * by • 28th February 2010

“A nice tea to drink in the afternoon...the cinnamon taste really comes through - recommended, try it if you havn't already!”

The best chai tea you can get in London

* * * * * by Khat Jogeillion • 7th June 2012

“I love this tea, between myself and my partner we use up small pack tea temples x15 in 2 days. I been using it for at least 2 years now. I found them on ocado.”


* * * * * by Saira • 1st June 2014

“Best tea in the world! It's like India in a hot and warming cup.”

Tastes like real chai

* * * * * by Anne Cathrine Bjørhall • 25th August 2017

“This is the closest I've gotten to the lovely taste of indian chai. With some sugar and milk, it almost feels like I am back in India, drinking chai delivered through the window of a train. In my experience the best chai was served in train stations, and Teapigs chai is really close to that taste.”

It didn’t disappoint !!

* * * * * by Lara • 4th September 2019

“So many chai teas aren’t great in a bag, but this one didn’t disappoint and I will keep it stocked in my kitchen cupboard. Thank you teapigs”


* * * * * by • 10th April 2008

“I love this tea... Very warming with the spices- almost like FiveSpice if you've had that. I prefer this with a dash of milk and half a teaspoon of sugar! Lovely! =]”


* * * * * by • 15th March 2010

“Chai tea as you have never drank it before! This tea is delicious, i am now so addicted to it. i have invited other friends to drink it and they have all been 'hooked' immediately. thanks team pigs!”

Chai'm in love!

* * * * * by Sarah Welby • 16th July 2012

“I'm obsessed with Chai Tea Latte's from starbucks and when placing my first order with teapigs, i thought i'd give this one a try.
I'm so happy i did, this tea is AMAZING. So much better than starbucks, the flavour is real and sooooo good!
I make mine in a mug with hot water, a spoonful of sugar and a splask of skimmed milk... perfect!
Will deffs be buying more of this wonderful tea, thank you teapigs!”

An excellent chai tea with a balanced blend of spices

* * * * * by Oliver McLeod • 5th September 2017

“I ordered the loose leaf tea version and I was really impressed. I love the blend of spices and it has a great amount of cinnamon which really sets it apart. It's also quite easy drinking so you can drink it as an everyday tea.”


* * * * * by • 2nd May 2008

“At last!!!
I have finally found a delicious chai tea.
A lovely light delicate tea for all of you with a slightly sweet tooth.”


* * * * * by • 22nd April 2010

“This tea is really very lovely, packed with flavour. Especially nice with a drop of honey and a little milk for those who have a sweet tooth!”


* * * * * by Sheila Morrison • 28th July 2012

“Absolutely love this tea - am totally addicted! It totally lifts my mood just with its deliciousness! Can't believe it's not one of your award-winners. It's my favourite chai of all. Thank you Teapigs xx”

My friend introduced me to your tea and ooo it's georgous

* * * * * by ann carroll • 13th November 2017

“Love your tea”

Just love It

* * * * * by • 18th August 2010

“chai tea is great, it really tastes nice as a milky tea. i love the smell of it and feel very relaxing when you drink this Chai Tea. just ordered my second batch of Chai Tea... theres no turning back ;0)”


* * * * * by Lisa • 1st August 2012

“I'm drinking this right now with lots of milk and sugar, and it is gorgeous! That warm spice is so comforting. Will definitely be ordering more xx”

Chai therapy

* * * * * by Anastasija Gore • 31st March 2015

“I've tried it in a teabag to begin with but couldn't get enough of it,so ordered it in a big pack (loose).”


* * * * * by Alice • 4th April 2018

“I brew this with half water half milk with a little sugar, and it tastes AMAZING.”

Fantastic Tea!

* * * * * by • 16th October 2008

“I bought my first ever Teapigs tea today. I bought 2 boxes of Chai (I had a feeling I would like it because I like spice) and I am thrilled with it. I am on my second cup in one day, I don't think my boxes will be around very long!

The tea is very warming, spicy and comforting, perfect on a nippy afternoon up North.”

tastes like starbucks!

* * * * * by • 11th September 2010

“It really tastes like starbucks chai, which for me is a bonus as no other chai has come close to being as spicy as this one!
Sooooooo good!”


* * * * * by Philippa • 23rd August 2012

“This is the nicest Chai I've tasted. The balance of tea and spices is just right and it also has a hint of sweetness. Absolutely delicious!”

best chai

* * * * * by Stephen Cooper • 6th April 2018

“I got my tea order today and my wife had one of the free chai teas today she has had quite a few different chai teas and she said they were the best she had tasted.”

Chai tea not only tastes good, it also looks nice

* * * * * by • 26th November 2008

“I bought this as loose tea, rather than tea temples. I'm really glad I did because it's such fun to watch it expand, and also to see all the colours and shapes in there. There are whole cardomon pods. It tastes deep and luxurious: not atall as sharp as I'd expected. Great tea black, and also with a little milk. It's fine cold too. We had some chai tea left in the pot so I poured it over the sultanas and left them to soak for a fruit cake - delicious!”

Seriously Tasty

* * * * * by • 11th September 2010

“My Mom got me some of this tea as a present because she knows I love cinnamon pastries with a cup of tea and thought this would combine the taste of the two... and believe me it does. The spicy warming flavour will make your usual english breakfast tea seem boring. Perfect for snuggling up with on cooler evenings, I can't get enough of this.”

Zesty & Warming

* * * * * by Eppie deVries • 6th June 2015

“Being a real tea lover I always use leaves and never bags. I liked the refreshing ginger after taste of this tea and the warmth of a normall brew. I ordered a small box but have just placed an order for a large box today as my husband has also discovered my new tea and keeps drinking them all!”

Une belle surprise

* * * * * by Westsand • 8th July 2018

“Je suis d'abord venu sur le site de teapigs pour être au plus proche des thés qu'affectionnent les Anglais. Je ne connaissais que les thés Earl grey que j'ai pu tester de ci de là et je voulais donc parfaire mes connaissances... voir ce qu'il y avait d'autre dans la culture Anglaise. Donc je me suis laissé guider par les commentaires et j'ai décidé de goûter le English breakfast et le Chaï de la maison, deux valeurs sûres du site. Je ne connaissais absolument pas ces deux types de thé, mais si ce fût un peu compliqué pour le premier que je trouve un peu spécial à mon goût et avec lequel ce n'est pas évident pour moi (en tout cas pas encore, ne jamais insulter l'avenir), ce fut en revanche une belle surprise et une évidence pour le Chaï. Attiré au début par la curiosité et l'idée d'être dépaysé, mais avec une petite crainte quand même quand à l'utilisation de la cannelle qui peut parfois me rebuter, il s'avère que ce thé est exactement ce que j'aime et ce que je recherche. On sent bien la cannelle, mais elle est sublimée dans ce thé. Je l'ai fait goûter à ma mère et elle a adoré du premier coup. Aujourd'hui teapigs a gagné deux clients car nous n'envisageons pas de nous passer de leur excellent Chaï, ni l'un, ni l'autre.”


* * * * * by • 21st March 2009

“I cannot believe how good this is. I am forced to add it to my ever-growing list of necessary Teapigs staples. The sample tin was hardly enough to last me the weekend, I had to ration it.

Calming, yummy 'normal' tea with a comforting mild spiciness. Mmmmm”


* * * * * by Jane Pittaway-Hampson • 6th December 2012

“Love this so much that when I ran out today I actually went out in the bitterly cold and snowy Manchester weather to buy new supplies. Loving it without any additions, can taste each individual spice.”

the best

* * * * * by Liz • 24th July 2015

“This is my favourite chai tea, love it”


* * * * * by Steve Rhodes • 10th July 2018

“This is where it all started. No words.”


* * * * - by Robin • 22nd December 2018

“Wonderful. Compares well against a company that costs double for their loose leaf chai.”

Nice, but not great

* * * * - by • 11th November 2009

“Having had Chai in an Indian resturant I was really excited to see this tea on the list. Unfortunately, for me at least, it was a dissapointment. The real stuff in the Indian was sooo much spicier and nicer. Still a lovely brew, but I've had better!”


* * * * - by Jo • 9th April 2012

“Just tried this one as can save it is definitely yummy! Slightly softer than the Winter Spice if you have tried that. I emjoyed it without sugar and a dash of milk, and looking forward to trying the latte style!”

Chai Teapigs*

* * * * - by SunStar • 9th December 2014

“I meant no disrespect with my misspelling of Teapigs ("tigpigs"), it has just been that kind of day! My apologies.
4/5 as this chai but stronger would definitely be a favorite of mine.”

Great cup of chai

* * * * - by Elizabeth • 14th January 2015

“I'm not sure how chai tea Should taste but I once had chai tea at a festival and it was AMAZING. It was made in a cauldron with milk and spices and was so warming and lovely. I have tried other chai teas and I they haven't had the same about of pleasure from them. This tea served with Devon milk tastes just like the tea at the festival. Really yummy and not too spicy but not to mild.”

Yummy Chai

* * * * - by • 4th June 2008

“This tea is great! Makes me want to rush out and rent a gaggle of Bollywood movies! And don't start the bangra music, or I may spill my tea!”

It could taste more...

* * * * - by Camilla • 21st May 2015

“I don't know if I didn't let the tea brew long enough (I let it sit for a little more than five minutes), if the ratio tea/water might be wrong (4 dl of water) or if this tea would actually do better if you prepared it as the Indians themselves do, boiling it in milk.

In any case, I had high hopes for a fragrant, flavourful cup of chai with real, sweet undertones of cardamom and vanilla. Something a bit richer than the generic chai blends you can find in the grocery store. While this tastes okay, and definitely more than those generic brands do, it is still lacking in body and complexity even after adding a bit of honey and a touch of milk.

There's so many variations on chai that I suppose it is simply a matter of me expecting quite a different cup of tea from the one I got. I am still looking forward to trying your fennel and liquorice tea once I've managed to hunt down a place that carries it here in Sweden.”

Nicley spiced but the tea wasn't strong enough

* * * - - by Abby • 6th February 2013

“I was expecting this to be a robust cup of black tea with spice, but despite leaving the bag in for quite a while it never acheived the stregnth I was anticipating. Nice if you like your tea weak p'raps.”

disappointing flavour

* * * - - by • 19th October 2008

“I have bought this tea many times from you and loved the punchy Assam that balanced the spices beautifully. This was the loose tea, which you do not seem to sell anymore. The tea which i have brewed from the tea temples does not have that strong a flavour anymore and I now have to mix it with another bag of Assam to get the same effect. Can you sell the loose tea again?”

Disappointing Chai

* - - - - by Martin Cusdin • 13th July 2013

“I'm sitting here being grossly underwhelmed by one of your Chai teapigs, which I find to be greatly disappointing, and frankly badly lacking in flavour, character and strength. When I have the time and inclination, I brew pretty authentic chai, which I'm told is a fair copy of the pukka Indian product, but your teapigs are a great disappointment.
I'm not expecting the full chai experience from a teabag, but a near approximation would suffice - I've lately been drinking some from "Whittards" which aren't at all bad, and went in search of some yesterday in my local Waitrose, they didn't have any, and I had the choice of Twinings' offering (not with a ten-foot bargepole as they resort to synthetic "flavourings"), or yours at an eye-watering price.........
Here's my recipe for "the real thing" - I'd suggest you need to aim for something like the flavour of that -
"My recipe - pestle and mortar - add 4 black peppercorns and four cloves - grind - add a good handful of green cardamoms - grind - one broken up cinnamon stick, several slices of fresh ginger, two teabags, and seven heaped teaspoons sugar (necessary to bring out the spices) - add 2-3 pints of water - bring to very slow simmer, and keep it simmering for at least 20 minutes, then add half a tin of evaporated milk (gives the authentic Indian taste), stir and serve in small glass tumblers"”

Definitely Not For Me

* - - - - by Claire D'Arcy • 11th October 2012

“I didn't get on with this tea at all. To be fair I have never tried Chai before so it might be a generic dislike rather than an issue with the Tea Pigs version. My husband likes Chai though and wasn't overly excited by this one. So, not a winner.”

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