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Lemongrass is drunk all over Asia after meals for pure refreshment. Originally from Malaysia it flourishes in any humid clime. Commonly known as an ingredient in Thai cooking it also makes a wonderful, and unexpectedly, sweet, lime and citrus drink.

Louise the tea taster says

how does it taste?

An unexpectedly sweet lime and citrus drink. Naturally caffeine free.

good if you're feeling

As toxic as a barrel of plutonium. This sweet herbal tea will refresh the system.

How we like it

Try it as it is, but why not add some of the cooled infusion to elderflower cordial for a sophisticated squash? 


Just cover one tea temple with boiling water and infuse for 3 minutes. Remove temple and top-up glass with iced water. Sweeten with elderflower cordial.

Brew Time

  • tea temple - 1 per person. Infuse in boiling water. Brew for 3+ minutes.
  • loose tea - 3 rounded teaspoonfuls per person. Brew for 3+ minutes.

Whole leaves take longer to brew, but the little wait is definitely worth it.

  • Boiling Water
    Boiling Water
  • Brew for 3+ minutes
    Brew for 3+ minutes
  • caffeine free
    caffeine free
  • Calories 0
    0 calories per cup
  • what's in it?

    pure lemongrass

  • nutritional content per 100ml

    • 0 kcal
    • 0 sugar
    • 0 fat
    • trace carbohydrate
  • Allergens

    dairy free, gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Made in a factory that handles nuts.


* * * * * (48)

lemongrass tea...hooked

* * * * * by Karen • 18th November 2013

“Love this tea now family are hooked”

Lemongrass Tea

* * * * * by Lisa • 4th February 2013

“This is the best Lemongrass tea... EVER!! It has definitely become a firm favourite. Thankyou Teapigs :)”

lemongrass tea

* * * * * by vickie • 28th January 2016

“wonderful tea shame it doesnt come in a bigger pack !”

Pure Lemongrass: Reviewed

* * * * * by Owen Roberts • 14th January 2014

“The Pure Lemongrass tea by Teapigs is a simple, yet excellent tea.

The tea temple is well packed with chopped lemongrass strains unlike the dust you may be used to finding in other teas, and results in a far more full-bodied flavour.

The taste is a smooth, zesty experience with hints of cut grass and green wood. The finish is clean and very refreshing.

Great as an evening relaxer, and also works well as an iced tea for a caffeine free uplift on a summers day.”


* * * * * by Amy Walker • 14th June 2016

“I LOVE THIS!! So tasty, refreshing and a good tummy settler.
I have it every day, and on summer days I have it iced. .. Please make a bigger pack of this, its my favorite :)”

Lemongrass Tea

* * * * * by Heather • 1st June 2017

“The perfect flavour for unwinding and taking life real slow! Love it ... am totally obsessed :)”

Good flavour

* * * * * by Lisa • 23rd December 2017

“I like the strong flavour and the actual teabags are best quality”


* * * * * by Lynne • 30th January 2013

“I've been searching for a naturally caffeine free tea for so long I'd almost given up. This is just delicious. It's light & lemony. I love it.
Please make bigger boxes!”

SOO Good

* * * * * by • 2nd February 2011

“After being a solid green tea drinker, I just drunk my first cup of this lemon grass tea. I was amazed that it looked like real leaves, and as it brewed it had a pungent smell to it, i left the tea bag in the cup until it was done, and its just remarkable. So light and fresh and it has a gingery, honey taste. A MUST try!”

Keeps getting better

* * * * * by Bethany Millen • 4th November 2018

“I got three cups out of one tea bag and each one tasted different. All three were delicious!”


* * * * * by • 28th November 2010

“Light, sweet and very refreshing. Smells gorgeous. Can be drank hot or cold, and used to give other drinks a bit of a zing!”

If it was possible to marry a tea..

* * * * * by • 4th February 2011

“... I'd marry this one. I thought I hated green tea. But this.. hot or cold, is just the best tea I've ever had. I'm an expat from the Southern portion of the US. We like our teas cold and sweet.”

Lemon Grass - pure class

* * * * * by Janet Hyde • 15th September 2018

“The best 😋 pure luxury 😍”

Fresh and clean and yum

* * * * * by • 31st May 2008

“I wanted a different tasting herbal tea and boy did i find it, lemongrass is such a refreshing and cleansing tea you can actually feel working. It has a clean and lovely lemon/lime taste which leaves your mouth feeling wonderfully tingly well after the tea has finished. Good to drink after food and as a mild wake up tea or even a just before bed relaxing tea as the smell just causes you to relax and destress before you ever taste the first drop.

Definately a tea that I will be adding to my favorites and will have on permanent re-order :)”

Refreshing, but...

* * * * * by • 19th March 2011

“I love this tea, but unfortunately my throat felt a little like it was closing up after a few sips. I don't know if I have an unknown intolerance to lemongrass, but unfortunately I had to stop drinking this tea. Nothing against the tea though - the fragrance that steams off the water as the teapig hits it is amazing, and the taste is light and refreshing - perfect if you're in need of a detox, or you simply feel a bit ick.

I wish I could drink this tea :(”

very lemony

* * * * * by • 16th July 2010

“loved this tea - nice strong flavour - the only thing that would make it perfect is if the string was a bit longer - I keep losing the tag in the mug as it brews!”

Sooo refreshing!

* * * * * by • 2nd July 2010

“I bought this tea in a sample tin to try and omg it is truly delicious. Ordering more now!”


* * * * * by • 28th February 2008

“I have recieved my prize for the tea and cakes competition run by Prima magazine, thankyou very much for your contribution towards it. I was already a fan of Roibos tea but had never heard of honey bush, but I think it deserves the high praise given by customers, so far. I have also tried and enjoyed the lemongrass.
Thanks again. D G”

My new favourite

* * * * * by Trudy Hartford • 6th January 2012

“Deliciously lemony with a hint of sweetness. Not as acidic or tart as a fruity or lemon containing herb tea. Perfect for refreshing morning wake up or anytime, love it!”

lemongrass and lime tea

* * * * * by • 31st May 2007

“I think this is a lovely tea I am not really into herbal teas but really liked this one you can feel relly virtuous drinking it as no caffeine etc. I wouldn't have chosen it so it is good that you gat the free samples to try”


* * * * * by Sophie Langridge • 13th April 2012

“Absolutely wonderful tea. Refreshing and not at all acidic for the stomach. I've also converted my Mum so we'll be ordering more very soon! Definitely highly recommended.”

Love it

* * * * * by Leanne • 27th May 2012

“We couldn't love this tea anymore. We tried one box and it disappeared so quickly between us and our friends. It is delicate and delicious, with a lovely fragrance and flavour.”

Just Perfect

* * * * * by Farah • 8th August 2012

“This tea is just amazing! Not too sweet (although i add a hint of natural sweetner to it) and it is perfect with those super sweet yummies that one eats with a cup of Tea. Bought my first little batch to try and i just ordered more!”


* * * * * by Juliana • 6th October 2012

“This is the tea I was looking for. It's comforting, refreshing and I could drink this all day. Please sell bigger boxes!”

lemongrass tea

* * * * * by • 29th August 2008

“this is the first of your "teas" that I have tried and I am impressed. Pure lemon with no harsh after taste. Thanks for such a lovely product.”

Lemongrass Tea

* * * * * by Dianne Owen • 11th October 2011

“This was my fave out of all the taster samples! Superb, could drink this all day, every day, best ever!”

Lemongrass Tea

* * * * * by • 6th September 2010

“Having first tried this in the Seychelles where it is made with fresh lemongrass leaves, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this dried tea is nearly the same, much better than any other I have tried.”

Very Surprised!!

* * * * * by • 9th June 2011

“I placed a large order and thought I would give Lemongrass a try. I didn't think I would like it. I love it! It is now one of my favourites, being so clean to drink and refreshing. It's nice hot and cold. Will definitely be re-ordering this one!”

One of my favourites

* * * * * by Leanne • 19th October 2012

“We can't get enough of this tea in our house. My husband and I both love it. It is fragrant, delicate and delicious. One of the things I really like about it is that it reminds me of Thailand :) The only problem we have is that we go through a box too quickly!”

perfect calm

* * * * * by • 11th September 2010

“As a lover of herbal teas, I tried this as a daytime alternative to my usual English Breakfast tea while at work. The delicate subtle flavours of this tea instantly bring calm and clarity, definitely a tea to take your time drinking, and so refreshing too.”

caroline fox

* * * * * by • 19th November 2008

“I first tasted lemon grass tea in Koh Samui and found it to be one of the most refreshing and enjoyable cups of tea yet tasted. I then spent over 12 months trying to locate a source for buying straight lemon grass tea. Most suppliers I came across could sell me a mixture of lemon grass and other things (not sure what). Then I came across TEAPIGS and have been ordering now from you for some time and like a fellow fan on here, lemon grass tea is a permanent fixture! I just love it!!!”

Go Ginger

* * * * * by • 6th January 2009

“Cut up some fresh ginger to mix with this Lemongrass tea - I've just spent a week walking round the Lake District with this particular infusion in my flask - it worked wonders as a warmer, a refresher and a settler. Loved it.”


* * * * * by • 9th July 2010

“What an amazing taste.

I wasnt sure what to expect having never successfully used lemongrass in anything before. But the flavour of the tea was such a nice refreshing sweet citrus flavour.

I think this would go down really well wih a spot of nice honey in to releave a sore throat.”

Lemongrass Love

* * * * * by • 20th March 2009

“It was an instant love affair from day one. This tea cheers me, calms my tummy, refreshes me and makes me feel like life's worth living once again on gloomy days.
In short, I am addicted! Several of my friends are now also converted so we are spreading the gospel of Lemongrass.
Thank you Teapigs for this gem, it is nothing short of outrageously delicious.”


* * * * * by • 10th March 2009

“This is a lovely citrussy, zingy tasting tea, which would be perfect for summer (I can dream!). It really does seem to help settle your stomach, a cup of this really helps when I'm feeling nervous!”

Lemongrass Tea

* * * * * by • 5th July 2009

“This is simply superb tea, like others I first tasted this in Koh Samui and now I am hooked. It is excellent for the digestion and the flavour of the lemongrass is just as balanced as it should be.”

Just like being in Thailand!

* * * * * by • 23rd August 2009

“I love lemongrass, in food, fragrance, and, of course tea!
Now I have to say I am quite picky when it comes to my tea, and was a little unsure as to how this particular one would measure up. Well, in a nutshell its fantastic! It is so very refreshing, clean and fragrant (unlike some of the mainstream brands that seem to peddle out powdery flavourless versions.) I also found it to be a good tea to drink when one is feeling a bit groggy or even hungover! I am recommending tea pigs to everyone as every tea I have tried (including this one) are all by far the best.”


* * * * * by • 14th January 2010

“If you like thai food with the lovely lemongrass flavours this is the tea for you. It is fresh, lively and very tasty. Would recommend.”


* * * * * by • 21st February 2010

“I was pleasantly suprised with the flavour and taste in the pure lemongrass tea. a great cup to have after a long day/night at work. Excellant!”


* * * * * by • 8th March 2010

“Refreshin n full of taste! Can't fault it!”

Silky and unwinding

* * * * - by • 21st March 2009

“It smells mildly lemony, which is nice. The texture is silky, I definitely notice the difference in texture compared to other teas. It is very subtle, very mild and calming. Lovely when you are a bit tired. I decided to drink this one after a long day and it helped me unwind.”

lemongrass tea

* * * * - by • 28th April 2010

“really nice and refreshing”

pure lemongrass

* * * * - by • 21st January 2007

“wasn't sure i liked this when i first tasted it i was excepting lemon tea. yes it tastes of lemon but is much nicer then any lemon teas i have had before.”

Luscious Lemongrass.

* * * * - by • 24th May 2007

“This made a most refreshing change, a tea which isn't overly herbal or floral yet is refreshing and delicious. I would never really have chosen this - the sample tins have been a great way to try all of the teapigs teas (my friend paul and I are now known as the tea tasters!). I'm really glad we gave it a go -well worth it.”


* * * - - by Paul Davidson • 22nd October 2012

“This is not a bad drink; it's light, refreshing, pleasant and caffeine free. However, it's nothing like I was expecting. Lemongrass is incredibly distinctive in it's aroma; this tea smells like a Lem-Sip and it tastes nothing like lemongrass. In fact, it doesn't taste of much at all. I bought some lemongrass tea on holiday in Thailand earlier this month and from the taste and smell, there can be no doubt as to the contents of the teabags. The Teapigs offering has left me a little disappointed as it was nothing like I was hoping for.”

poor tea

* - - - - by Spencer Chappell • 7th April 2012

“I had this tea before and you could taste the Lemon tang, two boxes and no taste just hot water. Very unhappy with this”

No Taste

* - - - - by Spencer Chappell • 22nd April 2012

“Used to like this 4 boxes and not a hint of the Lime & citrus Drink.might just as well drink some old twigs
Sorry but this Tea is no a credit to you.All your others are 100% this is zero”

Not for me

* - - - - by • 21st April 2011

“Delightful smell, but not a taste for me. Shame.”

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