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trio of super special teapigs tea blends in 15 packs

super special bundle


about this product

Our three most special teas, at a special price. Some people might save these teas for special occasions, but we like to drink them every day. This cheeky bundle saves you a few pounds which you could put towards a nice glass cup, perfect for drinking such fine teas.

what's in it? 

jasmine pearls - 15 tea temples | pearls of hand-rolled green tea tips infused with pure jasmine flowers. A very special tea.

silver tips white tea - 15 tea temples | a very exclusive tea. The tea buds are plucked within two hours of sprouting - lovely, light and aromatic.

tung ting oolong - 15 tea temples | this is a part-fermented tea so it has some of the strength of black tea but the aromatic flavour of green tea.

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