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12 cold brew teabags containing two of each blend
12 pack of cold brew next to prepared cold brew tea

cold brew taster pack

best before: 27th may 2024

about this product

If, like us, you struggle to drink enough water, then cold brew might be just what you're after! Our all natural infusions brew straight into cold water, making it easier (and tastier) than ever to get your 2 litres a day. Inside this pack you'll find 2 tea temples of each flavour to get you started.

what's in it?

2 x individually wrapped envelopes in each cold brew blend, 12 in total:

  • 2 x cucumber & apple cold brew envelopes
  • 2 x lychee & rose cold brew envelopes
  • 2 x peach & mango cold brew envelopes
  • 2 x watermelon & hibiscus cold brew envelopes
  • 2 x pink grapefruit cold brew envelopes
  • 2 x blackcurrant & raspberry cold brew envelopes