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Since teapigs started, our ethical scheme has raised over £285,000 for the Point Foundation in Gisenyi, Rwanda. We want to continue this good work and would love you to help - just 49p will go towards helping to cover the household and care costs for all Point Foundation houses. Our donations help young adults who missed out on education to get schooling and help fund students through university (fees and accommodation.) We’re helping to lift the financial burden and give them hope for a better future, we promise to match all your donations.


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We are so lucky indeed.

* * * * * by Christopher Bingham • 30th June 2012

“49p is very little to ask to donate, we are so lucky here in the west, most of us have hot water, fridges and etc. I try to usually give money when i have to homeless people, its not their fault they are on the streets. I cant even imagine how much worse that would be for a child in africa.”

How lucky we are

* * * - - by Lynne • 12th May 2012

“It isn't much to ask for 49p donation. We in the Western World do not know how fortunate we are, things might be tough here in the UK but it is unimaginable to thnk of the regime they must live under with no way out, so come on multiples of 49p is not so hard to give”

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