This month we are celebrating our everyday cuppa, our builders brew, our rosie lee (you get the idea) – our every day brew!

Dusty tea in paper bags makes us sad, which is why for the last 7 and a bit years we have been spreading our real tea message and urging tea lovers to ditch the paper tea bags and upgrade to our glorious temples filled with whole leaf tea.

So, what’s in our bag?

•             A blend of three great quality black teas – an assam, Ceylon and Rwandan

•             A gutsy cuppa! Malty, zesty, rich in flavour

•             Rainforest alliance certified leaves

•             No dust. Only whole leaves allowed!

•             Donations made from every pack to our ethical scheme

And the bag itself? Made from 100% cornstarch, so biodegrade and no nasty plastic, hoorah!

We’ve had lots of nice reviews and feedback from our customers about our everyday brew, here’s what some of them have had to say!

“Really good tea, just perfect for a pick you up in the morning. Well done!”

“Easily my favourite tea at the moment, gutsy and complex but also soothing and calming. It's great in the morning as a wake up call, but good for the afternoon as a pick me up too. I am a confirmed teapig with regard to this one!”

“The best tea in the world. Thank you to the Lovely Tea Pigs Team!!! “

“Simply delicious. Best breakfast tea I've ever tasted; my cupboards will always be stocked with this tea.”

“The Romance in Tea is finally back. The well bodied Assam's, the aromatic Ceylon's and the Rwandans (have to confess I don't know what they do), have really combined to create a unique tea association and make my day Thanks to everyone for making me fall in love with tea all over again “

“This is by far the best English Breakfast tea out there, so good I am on a mission to convert all my family.”

“The first thing I reach for in the morning is my cup of tea (OK, the first thing after my Matcha shot) and now, instead of guzzling it to get the caffeine in, as I'm rushing to get out the door, I allow myself a few extra minutes in the morning for that 'aah' effect. Love it!”

So, why not give the paper tea bags a miss the next time you pop the kettle on and give one of our everyday brew’s a go? It may just change your life! (Well, your morning cuppa!) And we’ve taken 10% off too until the end of March :)