As well as bringing amazing quality super healthy matcha green tea to the people of the UK and beyond, and talking about the stuff all day long, here at teapigs were are also obsessed with drinking it! I don’t think a day has gone by without all of us having a shot or two (or three, depending on stress levels!) of matcha and it’s firmly become set as part of all our daily routines.

We all love it, but sometimes for different reasons. Check out what some of the teapigs gang think:

Sofia: “I love matcha cause it is ridiculously healthy and stops me falling asleep at my desk at 3pm. It’s easy to get down you in a juice too – cause it tastes so nice!”

Reggie: “As chief teapigs packer I need to be on my toes and matcha does the trick. I like it with pomegranate and raspberry juice and it’s great with lychee juice or on porridge (It tastes funky…in a good way!)

Jordan “I ride to work 3 miles every day so like to mix matcha with my isotonic sports drink. I get to work with loads of energy to get cracking in the warehouse with all the orders!”

Hannah: “When I have matcha I can feel it working it’s magic straight away. It completely invigorates me and gives me tonnes of energy to tackle the day ahead. I don’t like green tea so I pop mine into some juice and I’m ready to go!”

Hayley: “I now take matcha every day, and I’m pretty useless at the upkeep of anything healthy, so for me it’s great because I just pop my matcha into my morning grapefruit juice that I drink every morning anyway.  After having a real why on earth am I so tired today?! moment a while back - before realising I hadn’t taken it that day - I now swear by it to make sure that I’m not falling asleep at my screen after lunch!”

Amie: “I love it because I don’t really like green tea but I can get all the health benefits (more in fact) in one quick shot!”

Amy: “I love matcha because it reminds me of being in Japan, and it certainly perks me up better than a chocolate bar at lunch time! My skin is better for it, and my favourite way of drinking it is traditionally with hot water.”

Nicole “I like to drink it with fruit juice in the morning. Matcha keeps me calm all day and full of energy!”

Valerie “I love Matcha in the morning which I mix with my Orange Juice.   It is part of my morning routine and it takes 30 seconds to prepare! I could not start the stay without it!”

Nick: “I love it because it gives me the energy to keep going through the day and my favourite way of drinking it is as a matcha latte. I also actually enjoy the traditional whisking method with the bamboo whisk when I have the time to be a little more ceremonial – though not in a kimono”

Tori: “I love matcha because………… i can have it with my orange juice for breakfast to kick start my day. Its super versatile and you can be experimental with it, matcha granary swirl bread is wonderfully yummy and looks good too”

And I (teapig Becky) love matcha because everytime I have it I’m doing something good for my long term health. It tastes yummy as a traditional hot tea and gives me energy for the day and really helps with my running!

Why not take a peek at our matcha page and try it for yourself?