Here at teapigs hq, we love nothing more than a jug of freshly made iced tea on a warm afternoon. It’s so easy to make and is a real thirst quencher. All you need is one tea temple per person and a heatproof glass or jug. Add the temple along with enough hot water to cover and infuse for 3 minutes. Top with cold water, ice and some yummy berries if you like, then sit back and enjoy!

The reason why iced tea with teapigs is so tasty? It’s the whole leaves, whole fruit and whole flowers that we use. You just don’t get the same vibrant flavours with dusty paper tea bags!

Here’s some other reasons why we love iced tea so much…

•             Bottled iced tea can be so sugary – using our tea temples to make freshly brewed iced tea is so much healthier! They are all less than 3 calories each and are great for keeping hydrated

•             We think it’s lovely to have something homemade to enjoy rather than just grabbing a bottle off the shelf – impress your friends with a pitcher of iced tea for your next bbq

•             They only takes 3 minutes to make! Speedy stuff

•             Tasty iced tea is a fab alternative to alcoholic drinks – no need to put up with something bland and boring, add loads of fruit to your iced tea for an instant mocktail!

•             Every single one of our 22 teas can be made iced, yes all of them! No need to buy separate teas or fancy new equipment, all you need is a kettle, your fave brew and ice!

Why not give fresh healthy iced tea a whirl this weekend? The sun may not be shining but we can still enjoy a yummy summer drink (whilst maybe dreaming of white sandy beaches perhaps?)