We are celebrating the English cuppa this month at teapigs HQ with 10% off of everyday brew tea until the end of March, an awesome “nice British things” giveaway and an very special interview on the blog next week with one of our favourite British Olympians.

We’ve been having a think in the office today about what we love about living in Britain and some of our favourite quirky British things:

I (teapig Becky) love:

Fish & chips by the seaside (especially Colemans at South Shields, you can’t beat it)

Summer fetes

How the sea at Cornwall is actually bluer than the sea when I went to St Lucia


Car boot sales

Mince & dumplings cooked by my Mam

teapig Tori loves:

Devon cream teas

Cornish cider

Acklam Village market – FREE live music every weekend!

Barnes farmers market

Fish and chips from Rockfish in Dartmouth – sitting watching the boats coming in and out

Jonny Wilkinson!

teapig Sofia loves:

Treacle sponge pudding… love british sponge puddings…

teapig Nick loves:

our self-depreciating and ironic sense of humour

beer and pub culture plus the new craft beer revolution

roast dinners, all the trimmings especially gravy and/or mint/horseradish sauce

our diversity, from N. Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales, so many amazing things to discover

our vibrant cities and beautiful countryside

our inability to cope with minor extremes of weather

suet puddings!

teapig Hannah loves:

Green! We get loads of rain but it makes everything so pretty. Nowhere else quite like it.

teapig James

Sounds weird but British grass!

And spotted dick too 

teapig Rosie loves:

Butter, butter is rubbish everywhere else

John Snow

The Humber Bridge


A diverse list!! What do you love about Britain?