We’ve teamed up with Nike’s global yoga ambassador and teapigs matcha fan Leah Kim to bring you her top tips for keeping healthy and energised this autumn/winter. We love Leah for her positive attitude to health and wellbeing, and for her passion for all things matcha!

Try tthese awesome tips for yourselves and let us know how you get on in the comments below!

Going into Autumn/Winter time is lovely for its coziness and holiday spirit, but we all know it can be tricky to stay healthy through these months. It can be challenging to be motivated to exercise when it’s so cold and daylight is dwindling, and all those holiday treats and mulled wine are just too tempting! While there’s nothing wrong with a bit of indulgence, here are some tips on how we can keep things in balance so we can step into the new year feeling our best! 

1. Drink some GREEN every day! My 3 sources of daily liquid green are: teapigs matcha tea, cold-pressed green veggie juice, and a superfoods supplement. This become especially important during the deliciousness of the holidays.

2. Eat some GREEN every day! Go for whatever most pleases your tastebuds. For me it’s steamed KALE or broccoli, raw spinach, or smooshed up avocado.

3. Eat with the seasons. Here in the UK think beetroot, sprouts, celery, cranberry, KALE, leek, parsnips, pumpkin, sweet potato. There’s a reason these foods are in traditional holiday meals.

4. ENJOY whatever else you’re eating - both the healthy stuff and the not-so-healthy stuff. Don’t stress about it; less stress in your system makes everything - including your digestion and metabolism - function more efficiently.

5. Keep warm from the inside out - traditional Eastern medicine says warm drinks and room temperature water (make it alkaline by infusing it with lemon!) are best for your tummy.

6. Take advantage of slower days at work and holiday time off to take care of yourself. Think extra sleep and trying out a new recipe at home.

7. If you enjoy being outdoors during this season, add deep breathing to your walks. Imagine you’re fogging up a cold window with your breath, but just breathe through your nose so you retain your internal heat.

8. If you prefer being indoors, sit by the fire for a few minutes of stillness and silence. Focus on the sensation of warmth the fire brings around you and on you. 

9. Strrretttch! Our bodies tend to get stiffer in the cold weather and circulation can get a bit blocked. 

10. Be Present. Instead of New Year’s Resolutions, try a Present Moment Resolution. Why wait? Life is happening NOW! ;) xxxo