Did you know that teapigs tea crosses the English Channel up to 46 times a day?  Neither did teapigs Sofia and I until we got invited on board by the delightful staff at P&O ferries and paid a visit to the great display of teapigs teas in their on -board gift shops. We discovered just how quick and easy it is to sail across the channel and enjoy fantastic hospitality.  On board we got to sample the fancy P&O club lounge and brasserie restaurants on board the Spirit of Kent and returning on the brand new Spirit of Britain vessel that has just been launched.  Always one to take advantage of being out and about with our tea, the shopping list from the office was an important part of our day’s mission. So off to Carrefour we went and in to our baskets went a delicious (if a little greedy) selection of cheese, bread, wine, Nutella (large jar), Carambars (my personal favourite) and some yummy biscuit treats – what trip to France would be complete without all that?!  All in all, a successful day of hospitality and travels with P&O ferries (big thanks to them) and an exciting day to see teapigs coverings the seas as well as the land!