The questionable perms, the Deirdre Barlow style glasses, the shoulder pads, the pride she took in giving you the first of many bowl cuts, the constant bail outs - there's no two ways about it, mums are pretty darn great.

So, what with Mother’s Day fast approaching (Sunday 31st March – you’re welcome), why not say thanks a million by treating her to some super special tea? Below are a few of our top tea gift ideas if you're looking to treat your mum this Mother's Day.

Organic dragon well green teaif your mum already loves green tea, then this limited edition dragon well green tea, will be a welcome gift! When the inevitable 'are you calling me a dragon?' question arises, fear not, you can simple wow her with your new found Chinese skills - 'Dragon well' translates to "Longjing" which is the village that this tea comes from in the Zhejiang Province in China. Shop more green tea options here.

Gemma Correll mug and piglet bundle - if there is one thing all mums need more of, it's mugs. Our home comfort mug, designed by the wonderful Gemma Correll, can be bought on its own or with two adorable 'piglet' sample packs inside. 

Pick n mix sample box - Our adorable pick n’ mix box allows you to choose up to 12 different piglet packs, each containing 2 tea temples. It’s the ultimate tea-tasting adventure. Select your mum some of our classic blends (everyday brew, earl grey strong, peppermint, lemon and ginger) or broaden her horizons with some of our unique flavours (rhubarb and ginger, chocolate and mint, apple and cinnamon). With a choice of 12 teas, she’s bound to find some she loves... as for the ones she doesn’t, all the more for you!

Create your own pick n mix box here

The book of tea - A fab book written by our co-founders Nick and Lou. Full of fun facts, a brief history of tea, yummy recipes as well as revealing the perfect biscuits for it's bright orange, and who doesn't love orange? Pick it up on its own here, or as a bundle with mum's favourite tea here.


Gift setsOur hassle-free gift sets are perfect for a mother who likes her classics classic. There are 4 to choose from. Our classic tea gift set contains a 15-pack of everyday brew, peppermint and mao feng green tea. Our mini packs gift set contains mini piglet packs of our top 6 flavours: everyday brew, mao feng green tea, peppermint, earl grey strong, chamomile and super fruit. Similarly, our selection box gift set contains 10 individually wrapped envelopes of our top-selling flavours. If your mum is into wellness, she might enjoy our feel-good set, which contains our three functional teas: snooze, clean n green and up beet.

Tins of tea - The perfect gift for a mother confident in her taste. Each beautiful, sturdy tin can be reused as is – and even comes with 20 tea temples to get you started! Once you’ve finished those, reorder some more temples and keep them fresh in style! 


teapigs teaware - It's all well and good having the best tea going, but what about some fancy teaware to drink it from? From environmentally friendly keep-cups to teapigs branded  teapots, oak tea timers and even our super cute mug and piglet bundle we've got lots to choose from! Check out our full range of teaware here.