Hi, I’m Nat – teapigs’ newest newbie.

I will be spreading the teapigs love and deliciousness to all those big restaurants/cafés/hotels that haven’t got their hands on us yet.  

What should you know about me…

  • I used to make grass milkshakes and collect garden worms – a real joy to my parents.  I still love cooking, baking and experimenting (less with the grass and worms these days)
  • I am a qualified Employment lawyer – from legal brief to whole leaf!
  • I pretty much cycle everywhere – I have no idea why friends mock me mercilessly for the hi-vis, lycra and goggles, and apparently it was not normal to cycle to my teapigs interview!?
  • Guilty pleasures – re-runs of 90210 and Lionel Ritchie
  • I have a lot of nicknames – natty, nats, natter, tinkerbelle, natapuss, natweed (my brother used to call me a little weed, thanks bro), maggot (thanks sis), bellinder, tiddles, bellster, squirrelhead, freckle monster (thanks hubby)
  • I’m hypoglycaemic (basically suffer from low blood sugar) – great excuse to snack all the time, but I do get called squirrel!
  • I love Devon, Christmas, swimming in the sea, cream teas, tennis, Geordie accents, stationery, springer spaniels, painting and drawing, windsurfing, musicals, fishing, fancy dress, writing silly poems (oh go on then…)

'Once associated with snooty stuffed shirts and prigs,

With bags containing dust and tasting of twigs

Tea needed a saviour

To bring fun and flavour

So a star was born and that star was called teapigs!


Thank goodness for the tea-obsessed Nick and Louise

Making sure we know our A, B, Teas…

Whole leaf, berry and flower             

And matcha the green superpower

Make teapigs’ teas the real bee’s knees!'