The teapigs office has gone a little 5:2 diet crazy recently, with teapigs Nick, Louise and Rosie all giving it a go. They all have their own individual ways of coping on fast days (Nick seems to be eating a lot more radishes) but one thing they can agree on is matcha is a must!

teapig Rosie says:

“On my ‘2’ days I pretty much always have breakfast, don’t eat all day and then have something small in the evening. Whilst at teapigs HQ, I actually find it quite easy (unless there’s cake – teapig Tori I’m looking at you!) because I can distract myself and there’s plenty of matcha to go around! I try and do it most of the time but I’ve done it ‘strictly’ twice last year, once during lent and again in September. Both times I feel like it’s worked and as teapig Louise always says, you feel good the next day, not bloated or podgy!”

teapig Louise days:

“I always have matcha to kick off my ‘2’ days and at points during the day if I feel like I am flagging. I know lots of fast dieters drink lots of tea (without milk) during the fasting days which I do too, matcha seems to help to get rid of the slight pangs of hunger before meal times. I have found that 5:2 has helped my energy levels and I am sure the healthier diet washed down with a shot of matcha must be doing me some good. “

And teapig Nick says:

“The diet (from a man’s point-of-view of course) just seems so logical. You eat less and you eat more healthily. I don’t understand the science behind it but it does seem a bit like if you drastically reduce calorie intake on the 2 days it sort of kick starts your body to use up excess fat. Any reduction in calorie intake over time is going to lose weight and this is one with an extra boost. Turbo charged. I like the fact it’s actually quite easy, you only have to think hard about what you eat for 2 days a week and that should get easier over time. Of course I’m hungry at times but then I always am. Everyone over here hears my tummy rumbling – that’s when I reach for the matcha!”

Are you a die hard 5:2 fan? Have you added matcha to your routine? Let us know what you think!