Die hard teapigs fans up and down the country (and all over the world!) have been uniting and joining our Real Tea Mission. They are making a stand against rubbish tea, saying ‘no way’ to weak flavourless slop, turning their backs on dusty leaves in paper bags and are instead hunting out proper tasty whole leaf teapigs tea with gusto. They have signed up to our mission and are shouting their love of real tea from the roof tops! Check it out:

“£2 for a cup of hot water and weak tea in a cafe is ridiculous. I'd pay if it was a proper brew!”

“Real tea really tastes so much more energising!”

“This is the best tea I have tasted and then some. .”

 “Good tea is a life choice, make it today”

“Definitely want tea to be taken seriously the way coffee now has.”

“Love nothing better than a proper cup of tea, esp if I am away from home...”

“Why drink anything other than Teapigs?! “

“I am loving trying all different types and flavours of tea with the teapigs sample pack, and FLAVOURS is absolutely the right word - I will never go back to "slop" or "dust" and I now view every cup of tea as a tiny bit of "me time" in my busy day. Keep up the good work!”

“tea drinkers are overlooked, overcharged and discriminated against compared to coffee drinkers - it's abominable!”


“Real tea helps vital nutrients into your body, which in turn makes you feel more energised and happy.”

“Real Tea is an affordable luxury at the moment...relaxing afternoon cuppa at it's best!”

“The gulf between dust in paper and real tea is like the gulf between wine in a cardboard box and a fine aged Bordeaux. Given a choice, guess which I'll choose every single day? Bitter water, or a taste experience?”

“Teapig Peppermint leaves are a complete revelation. The ONLY mint tea I can swallow. It explodes a gorgeous minty flavour with a fabulous aftertaste, and calms my tummy!”

“I have had enough of the rubbish they sell in little boxes in the name of tea! I have just ordered a variety of Teas from you and will be converting the office immediately ! “

“I thought this whole real tea business was just marketing hype until I actually tried teapigs - the difference between this and a regular cuppa is night and day and now I can never go back to the normal stuff!”

“Really just want lovely, flavourful, good for the planet tea!”

“I absolutely ADORE tea, and your selection is simply perfect! Thank you, teapigs, for making the world a better place. :-)”

“Love teapigs because of the fantastic flavour combinations”

“i love teapigs forever”

“My daughter loves your breakfast tea. She’s never tasted better so I want to try it too!”

“I really love your tea, it's both lovely in its taste and great because I can choose some special teas, not just the regular. Thumbs up!”

“Tea is such a thoroughly adopted "British" drink, why not serve best tasting whole leaf tea to start & then energise us all through each day!”

“Real tea is the equivalent to freshly ground coffee. You smell the tea, you taste the tea, you feel the tea”

“Fed up of getting a better cup of tea at home than in a shop. Why make tea that tastes of nothing more than the milk that others add - I like black tea, no milk and no sugar and I want some taste. If I wanted hot water I'd order it”

“If I order tea when out, I expect it to be at least as good as tea made at home - as with coffee, I don't mind paying a bit more for good quality stuff.”

“There is NO substitute for the real thing! Real tea by teapigs yay!”

“Whole leaf tea has more flavour and tastes better than crushed up cheap tea. I would chose a cafe that serves teapigs over a cafe that doesn't”

“If everyone just served Teapigs, that would solve most problems! “

“If people tasted real tea they would ditch coffee”

“I love teapigs - best tea I have ever tasted. Cheap tea tastes cheap. “

“You can taste the freshness in every temple. When you have tried TEAPIGS you cannot go back to ordinary tasteless tea.”

“I love a proper cup of tea, Having lived in different countries I've sampled good tea and bad, mostly bad, but a good cuppa brings me home no matter where I am, as Brits we deserve proper tea!!”

“Real tea is the reason I get up in the morning! Long gone are the over stewed, bitter and generally bland morning cups of tea. Now there's perfectly formed, aromatic fifteen minutes of pure heaven as soon as the kettle has finished boiling. I'm now at the point where I stop going to the cafe for a cuppa when my tea at home is so superior. If you want my custom, you need to stock the proper stuff!”

“I love tea but often tea is boring, horrible tea bags which make tea less of a treat.
Teapigs make you feel you are having the tea you deserve, nothing more, nothing less.”

“Nothing is as uplifting as a good cup of tea. Nothing is as demotivating as bad tea.”

“I love your tea .... is so expressive and reminds me of the times good times”

“In America if you ask for a cup of hot tea, they hand you a teabag and a cup of lukewarm water. Coming to the UK, I was introduced to a whole new world of teas - I hope everybody can experience a similar epiphany.”

“It is a real pleasure when occasionally a proper pot of tea, using whole leaf tea, is served but this simple pleasure in life should be the default and not just a pleasant surprise. When an outlet goes to the trouble to provide a proper brew I make a point of returning.”

“Because a good cup of tea can make everything better and bad tea makes me cry.”


If you believe in Real Tea (who doesn’t!) then sign our Mission Petition and let your voice be heard! And if you’d love to see your local café, deli or restaurant serving a proper cup of tea for a change then drop our trade guru James an email to name and shame them and we’ll get on the case.