Well, 2020 has been quite the year! Claps all round for making it through.

We think everyone deserves a well earned cup of tea - whether black, green, fruit, or floral, we're sure there's one for everyone on your Christmas list! We've picked out some of our favourites to show you below, but be sure to check our full Winter Shop for more inspiration.

for stuffing stockings

These petite little gifts are the perfect for both the stocking and your pocket! No tea lover's collection is complete without the perfect infusing companion like baby nessie or that all important emergency stash in your coat pocket. Settle for a sad service station brew? No more, thank you! 

for that tricky secret santa

So, you've drawn lots and now aren't sure what to do? We've got the perfect prezzie for you! From our everyday essentials, to a loose leaf lover's paradise, we've even got a winter gift box for the colleague who just eats, sleeps & drinks the festive season. 

for the tea addict

Know someone who's always quick with a fact while waiting for the kettle to brew? Yeah, we do too! Give them some new facts to talk about with tickets to our tea school or the Book of Matcha - perfect for swotting up!

for the indecisive one

Sometimes picking a tea can be a little overwhelming... we know the feeling, there's just so many to try! That's what makes our pick 'n mix selections so great - build your own selection pack of blends (whether new or just old favourites!). Choose from our super cute box of 12 x 2 “piglet” mini packs, our box of 3 x 15 tea temple packs or our box of 6 x 15 tea temple packs. Build you kits here

for the one always on the go

We all know someone who can't sit still - whether it's a keyworker who's still having to battle with the commute, or the newly at-homer who is compelled to take a 5k walk every morning to feel in touch with the outside world. Whatever the need, we've got you covered with our reusable cups. Check out the new r-Cup and thermal KeepCups

for the organiser 

Is there anything more joyous than things lined up neatly in a row? Set up the ultimate tea shelf with our cheeky tea bundles of some of our favourite combinations. And no tea collection is complete without a set of tins to make the aesthetic complete! Plus, it helps to keep the tea fresh too. Winner!

still looking for gift ideas?