We know you die hard teapigs fan cannot do without your favourite cuppa each day – and rightly so, the thought of being without that morning pick-me-up and soothing afternoon brew is enough to fill anyone with dread. You may have noticed we’ve recently launched something that’s just the ticket for those of you who know what you like and want to stock up to avoid any tea emergencies. Yep, the bulk buy!

We started with the everyday brew (our signature builders tea), then launched the liquorice and mint (our most talked about tea temples), the peppermint (mintiest tea ever. Fact) and just last week the Darjeeling earl grey (pretty special and pretty posh) These deals are great as we’ve taken 6 packs of 50’s, bundled them together and then whipped a not too shabby 15% off the price.

So if you fancy nabbing yourself 300 of your fave tea temples at a great deal then head on over to our cheeky deals page. You’ll find some other bargains there too :)