It’s B Corp Month this March, so we thought it would be the perfect time to share with you some fellow B Corp brands that we have been loving lately. So, without further ado...

pip & nut

On toast, on pancakes, on crumpets, stirred into porridge – is there anything these nut butters don’t taste delicious on?! The company was founded by Pip, a keen runner who was always looking for tasty things to eat before heading out on a run. She started making her very own nut butters in her kitchen, and, with a team for support, first launched the butters in Selfridges in 2015. Pip & Nut became B Corp Certified in August 2019 - their products are palm oil free, and the team are always looking for ways to support the wider community – both big and small (from making little sustainable changes around the office, to setting their 3 year innovation plan!) Team Pip & Nut say:

“Our purpose is to help people love food that loves them, and the planet. We keep this front of mind in everything that we do, whether that’s developing new products, running an event or finding new suppliers.”

Find out more about Pip & Nut in their 'People & Planet Report' here.

toast ale 

Toast Ale started in 2015 by Toastmaster Tristam Stuart – an author and campaigner on the environmental and social impacts of food production. Not only do they brew with surplus fresh bread, but they also donate 100% of their distributable profits to charities working to improve all aspects of the food system (including The Real Junk Food Project and Friends of the Earth). Last year, Toast Ale upcycled 851,388 slices of surplus fresh bread, using less virgin barley (and so saving land and water and reducing emissons). That's 1.2X the height of Everest – impressive stuff! This year, they have even launched a 'crumpet beer' after teaming up with Warburtons. It makes us rather sad knowing that there are surplus crumpets in the world (because they are just SO great) but we are ALL for this beer nonetheless! Toast Ale have been B Corp Certified since March 2018 and say:

“The B Corp assessment is a great public benchmark and roadmap for improvement – this year we’ll continue to learn and innovate. We are working to remove plastic from all of our packaging, and make strides with our production processes to get more beer from every crumb of surplus bread. We will also continue working to our commitment to net zero emissions by 2030.”

Check out Toast Ale's Impact Report here


Propercorn launched in 2011 and became B Corp Certified in January 2018... in fact, they are the only popcorn brand in the world to have this certification. Cassandra started the business with her friend Ryan, after spending long nights cold calling and packing boxes of popcorn from his London flat (#relatable). With so many delicious flavours to choose from, it’s safe to say Propercorn is one of our go-to, guilt-free snacks at teapigs HQ! The team say:

“We’re always striving to do things better – for our team, the planet, and the people within it. Getting certification is certainly validation that we’re growing in the right way but, more than that, it’s motivation to do more. This year we’ll be working hard to build an even better Propercorn, learning from the people in B Corp community who are absolute trailblazers in purpose driven business.”

Find out more about Propercorn here.

beeswax wraps

Catchy name, right?! Beeswax Wraps are a planet friendly alternative to cling film and tinfoil; all it takes is the warmth of your hands to help shape them over a piece of food or bowl you want to keep fresh. The wraps are made from organic GOTS certified cotton, UK beeswax, pine resin and organic jojoba oil. The team recently sent us some to try, and we’re certain they're going to become a staple product for us in 2020… and beyond! Beeswax Wraps have been B Corp certified since May 2019 and say:

“We want to work on the eco-credentials throughout our supply chain, to uplift and support our team, to reduce waste and our carbon impact, and to give back to the community and causes that matter to us. As well as defining our goals and giving us targets to work towards, being part of the B Corp community introduced us to so many like-minded and inspiring businesses, individuals and charities and allowed us to collaborate and support one another.”

Find out more about Beeswax Wraps here.

cheeky panda

Cheeky Panda has been B Corp Certified since July 2019 – they produce a whole range of fab sustainable products made from bamboo... from wipes, to toilet roll, tissue and kitchen roll. According to the team, they have saved the equivalent of 54,600 trees - that's about 150 football pitches... wow! Team Cheeky Panda say:

“By being B Corp certified, it means that we have been put on the map as leading a business in sustainable bamboo products. We are proud to be recognised as a business that meets the highest standards of social and environmental performance, being able to co-manage the aim of both profit and purpose. This year holds exciting times for us and we are continuing with our progressive and sustainable journey. By the end of 2020 we are committed to making our whole tissue range completely plastic-free.”

Find out more about Cheeky Panda here.

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