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welcome the newbies

Posted by the new teapigs on 9th January 2012

welcome the newbies

Our team has grown to a whopping 13 teapigs in recent months and we thought it was about time you had an introduction to the newbies....

Becky - Hello! I am customer services guru hear at teapigs! You’ll find me at the end of online and phone order enquiries, so if you have a question about your order or fancy a tea related natter, send it my way.  When I’m not being a teapigger, you’ll find me on my yoga mat, at the gym or pounding the pavements training for my first ever marathon! I also worked as a baker in a previous life so love nothing more than hiding myself away in the kitchen baking up some treats (to have with a nice cup of tea of course!).  My favourite teapigs teas are popcorn and yerba. I am also slightly (extremely) obsessed with matcha – would very much recommend a matcha martini!

James - So I am the new guy to teapigs! An office surrounded by girls, every guys dream come true right? Well so far so good, it’s a great office and great team so looking forward to the coming year.  A little bit about me: I am just as nutty about sport as I am about tea so it plays a big part in my life! As a rule, if you get me playing any sport I am going to love it. But generally you will find me by water, dipping in the pool for a hard swimming session or by the sea surfing when I can (not often enough).  If there’s no water around then just look for the guy huffing and puffing away on his bike or running past you in the streets.  Fitting sport in means I am up before the crack of dawn so I love a good cuppa. darjeeling earl grey is my weapon of choice to give me a boost, no milk, no sugar, just the good stuff!

Amie - I am now officially a teapig! So far it's been great fun and I am totally buzzing from it all…but that could just be from all the matcha shots I’ve had!!  Starting a new job the week before Christmas was amazing; I went to the Christmas party, had a lovely Christmas lunch and had lots of fun with all the other lovely teapigs.  Harvey and I have developed what I imagine will be a lifelong friendship after I took him for a brisk walk!

I love a good cup of tea (obviously!!) and my new favourite is rooibos crème caramel with a little sugar and yummy chai lattes! I love nothing more than chilling out with a magazine and a cuppa but I also love a night out and a good boogie too!   I’m looking forward what this year brings and really getting into my new teapig’s role! Watch this space…