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We love Italy

Posted by Sofia on 28th January 2014

We love Italy

Italy and Italians. They’re known for their coffee but they’re not escaping our mission to get the whole wide world drinking real tea. Oh no! We have appointed an Italian distributor – hoorah! He is called Matteo and any Italian cafes / delis / tea drinkers out their wanting teapigs in their lives should drop him an email and he will be able to help :)

While we’re on the subject, here’s what I (resident Italian teapig Sofia) love about Italy and Italians (short list): 

-              No amount of carbohydrates is too much

-              You get a basket of bread and water on the table at a restaurant without even asking for it

-              Vespas

-              Gorgonzola

-              I get to have pasta as a starter no matter what follows (even Christmas dinner)

-              Rome

-              You’ve got to admit, they’ve got style

-              Italian lunch breaks or, erm, afternoon breaks

-              Marcello Mastroianni (“now, that’s the kind of man you marry” says Zia Anna)

-              Gnocchi

-              Sophia Lauren (“everything you see, I owe to spaghetti”)

-             Always a hook for your handbag under tables so they don’t get dirty, they think of everything

-              Fiat 500s (old and new)

-              The Spanish Steps

-              Marco Polo (although they have to fight the Spaniard for him)

-              Pizzaaaaaaaaa!

-              Arancini

-              Overprotective Dads

-              Montepulciano d’abruzzo

-              The fact it’s shaped like a boot (that has to be the coolest shaped country right?)

-              The Godfather (American Italian but it still counts)

-              Fabio Cannavaro

-              Formidable old women

-              They talk with their hands

-              4 world cups

-              Nonna’s catholic relics

-              They talk really fast

-              The leaning tower of Pisa – how does it stay up?

-              Their love for LIFE and FOOD