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Tea of the month: Spiced Winter Red

Posted by Becky on 5th November 2013

Tea of the month: Spiced Winter Red

We always get a tiny bit excited when spiced winter is our tea of the month, cos that can mean only one thing, it’s pretty much Christmas time!!

For me, the description from our tea taster Louise on the back of the spiced winter pack is the BEST description we have on any of our packs:

“We think we’ve captured the best bits of winter with this one - mulled wine, mistletoe, winter coats and rosy cheeks. Log fires, happy cats and old movies on the telly.  Tea and warming spices. This tea also makes a yummy wintery caffeine free latte - orange, cloves and cinnamon on a red tea base, perfect on a crisp, frosty morning.”

Happy cats!! Love it! :) But, how does it taste? What do real teapigs customers think of our ‘Christmas in a cup?’ Well, it seems it’s gone down pretty well!


“Warning : Do not try this tea if you like christmassy things and smells as you may get a little addicted to it. I am now - which is terrible as it means I have to keep buying it, but it's sooo good. Absolutely heavenly.”

“I was lucky enough to have foresight and order a couple of boxes of this when I placed my last order, having seen the reviews beforehand. We are currently awaiting some heavy snowfall up North and it is bitterly cold, so I thought I would try this with a splash of brandy as recommended. It really is wonderful with my usual soya milk, but the brandy seems to bring out the spices and adds to the warmth. Fantastic tea, thank you teapigs!”

“After a wet afternoon walk with the dog there is nothing better than having a cup of Spiced Winter Red Tea - it is absolutely delicious (and in my opinion I think it tastes better without milk). If you have never tried Teapigs tea before this one would be a good one to start with - I would highly recommend.”

“I don't drink alcohol much as I always seem to be the designated driver, so when everyone's passing round the mulled wine or Snowballs at Christmas, I always feel a little left out. When I got this Spiced Winter tea I brewed a cup, added a dash of milk and settled down to enjoy the festive flavours - I didn't feel so left out! It really does taste like Christmas in a Cup. Perfectly festive and delicious, tastes of Orange, Cinnamon, Spices, Warmth and Cosiness. Recommended”


Ahhh, we are so excited for Christmas and all the wintery months to come enjoying this festive brew. And for the whole of November, our Spiced Winter tea is discounted with 10% off (shown in the basket).

Now then, is it too early to put the Christmas tree up?!