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Meet Sam, our newest teapig!

Posted by Sam on 7th November 2017

Meet Sam, our newest teapig!

Hey, I'm Sam - latest addition to the teapigs gang. I'll be helping out with all things marketing & events related over the next 6 months. 

A few things to know about me: 

  1. I studied French at University and spent my year abroad sunning myself in Toulouse in the south of France. It’s a warm town with a friendly, energetic atmosphere and a great range of spots to eat and drink. I highly recommend visiting for a long weekend!
  2. I’m a huge rugby fan. I support Harlequins, my local team who play in Twickenham. I’m happiest when at the national stadium watching England play. If I’m not out and about on the weekend, you can find me on the sofa watching up to four matches a day – a measly 8 hours.
  3. I love music festivals. I’ve been to about 10 different ones to date. My favourites so far include Outlook in Croatia, Tomorrowland in Belgium, Sonar in Barcelona, Gotwood in Wales and Houghton in Norfolk.
  4. I have three older brothers. Amongst my family, I’m affectionately known as ‘Pooch’. Interpret as you wish.
  5. While at Bristol University, I hitchhiked as far away as I could in 48 hours for charity. I managed to get to Calais by stowing away in a lady’s car. Highlights included gunning down the motorway outside Kent in the back of a police squad car and getting a lift to London with a band in their tour van.
  6. I saw Ed Sheeran almost by accident at an intimate gig before he became famous and met him after. If I had known how successful he would become, I’d have taken him out for a drink and tried to become his right-hand man.
  7. I love to travel. I’ve been lucky enough to visit every continent except the Americas. I hope to spend a few months exploring them in the near future.
  8. My favourite teas are peppermint, everyday brew and yerba mate.