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Fitness tips from Nike's Rebecca Gentry

Posted by Becky on 5th May 2015

Fitness tips from Nike's Rebecca Gentry

We know every excuse in the book not to go out for that Sunday afternoon jog, but what with summer right around the corner, we feel that we really should start to make some kind of effort to become active again. Luckily for us (and you!) we’ve made friends with Rebecca Gentry – a pro trainer for the Nike Training Club and we are TOTALLY in awe of her fitness! She’s been kind enough to share some of her top tips for people just getting started and the best ways to keep yourself motivated. Join us by swapping your slippers for running shoes, grab yourself a pre workout matcha (Rebecca drinks it!) and hit the streets for a lovely (albeit very slow) run.

First things first…

“Running is one of the simplest sports to take up – start off with the right kit (correct shoes, a few lightweight tops and shorts/leggings, not forgetting a sports bra ladies!) then it’s just you and the road…

1.     Breathe…

Breathe. Getting used to the increase in your heart rate when you run can take up to about 10 minutes, after which time your heart should be just about used to more beats per minute and that "I'm not liking this" will turn into "ok this isn't so bad". Regulate your breathing and relax your face as a scrunched up tense face will encourage the rest of your body to tense and elevate heart rate.

2.     That core…

Train your core. Strong runners have great core muscles-stomach and back!! Add in exercises like plank variations, leg lowering, opposite arm leg superman’s on the floor, back extensions to train your core to ensure your abs are tight when you run and back strong with good posture. 

3.     You have arms too….

Use your arms! Your arms should mirror the movement of your legs to help you glide along all Gazelle-like! Pump your arms when you want to increase your speed in HIIT for example. Idle arms will make idle legs!

4.     Shoes shoes shoes

Wear the right trainers!! If you are serious about improving your health and fitness be kind to your body and support it with proper running trainers :) look at your training plan and decide if you want in indoor treadmill running and strength training shoe like the Nike Free TR Flyknit 5.0 or an outdoor running shoe (lots of support and cushioning) like Nike Structure 18.

5.     Oooooh roll away…

Buy a foam roller. Trigger Point therapy are my go to rollers for before if I can but certainly after I run. The reason being the rolling relaxes the muscle fascia which after regular use (2 weeks plus) can help with better movement meaning you're less likely to feel so sore after training.”

Follow Rebecca for more training tips and advice on twitter (she knows her stuff!) and be sure to check out Nike’s NTC app – a FREE workout programme that can transform your fitness in a matter of weeks.