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10th birthday treasure hunt

Posted by Sarah on 14th October 2016

10th birthday treasure hunt

In case you missed it – it’s our 10th birthday and what’s a 10th birthday without a good ol’ treasure hunt!?

The treasure, in this case, being tea – 10 mystery tea parcels to be precise.  


So how do you play?

Head to on Wednesday 2nd November……

We’ll have hidden 10 different birthday presents across our UK website and it’s up to you to find them! Each different present corresponds to a mystery prize – some big, some small – but all lovely prizes none the less!

To make it easier – here’s a few of the parcels you’ll need to look out for:


 If you stumble across one, simply take a screen shot and upload it to twitter with the tag #teapigsfreeteaday making sure you @ us! (@teapigs for those not currently following us!)

Only entries with both @teapigs and #teapigsfreeteaday will be counted.

Then, every hour (between 9am-6pm on 2nd November 2016) we’ll pick a lucky winner at random. If you manage to find all 10 – upload them all throughout the day and up your chances of winning! 10 chances are always better than 1!